Where to Buy BlueChew Drugs With Strict Privacy

On the BlueChew platform, you can get everything you need to counter erectile dysfunction by clicking a few buttons and filling out some personal information. The platform roots for highly confidential e.d treatment, allowing you to consult certified doctors and place orders for BlueChew drugs in the privacy of your home.
The BlueChew official site comes with separate sections, each serving a different purpose, and what you do in each section is strictly confidential to those in charge of the site. For instance, your designated BlueChew doctor will be the only one who’s privy to your medical history. Besides, all your personal information is handled in compliance with HIPAA standards.

Challenge of the Ordering Process on the BlueChew Platform

For starters, you can only buy BlueChew drugs if you have a prescription from a BlueChew doctor. Due to various telemedicine regulations existent in various jurisdictions, not everyone everywhere can get a BlueChew doctor’s prescription presently. However, the people running the organization continue to thrive to reach out to people in a wider geographical area. Currently, the service is not available to people in AR, HI, ID, LA, MA, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, and Canada. Also, all BlueChew users must be 21 years and older, regardless of their location.
Once you’ve met these age and geographical requirements, you can easily get started with the ordering process by clicking the “Get Started” button on BlueChew’s home page. After that, you’ll be required to choose your desired product and plan combination. These options allow you to choose one of the two BlueChew e.d drug variations (sildenafil or tadalafil), and the quantity of the drug, depending on unique personal needs.
Next, you’ll be required to provide details of your medical history as well as other personal information. This information will be used by your designated BlueChew doctor to write a script which you’ll then use to order for the BlueChew drugs. Once you’ve chosen a drug variant and a plan, you can complete the order by providing payment details such as your email address, your credit/debit card number, your shipping address, and your preferred shipping method. Within a few days afterward, (depending on your location), you’ll have your BlueChew drugs delivered at your doorstep. The sildenafil tablets are delivered in discrete black pouches, while the tadalafil tablets come in light grey pouches. If you decide to continue with the drugs after a month, then your next supply will be shipped automatically one month after your first delivery. Of course, you can cancel your subscription without any penalties before another month’s batch of supply rolls in if you have reason to discontinue the program.

BlueChew Tablets are Basically Free

If you consider the cost of a doctor’s appointment, with time wasted in transit and waiting room, you’ll find that the $20 monthly fee for the BlueChew services is a steal. The monthly service gives you all the medical attention you need to answer every question you might have concerning your customized e.d medication. Besides, the original e.d drugs that popularized the two active ingredients used by BlueChew drugs are far more expensive than BlueChew drugs.
The following is a breakdown of BlueChew’s monthly subscription fees:
Active: Costs $20 a month, and includes either 6 of 25mg sildenafil chewables or 6 2.5mg tadalafil tablets.
Busy: Costs $30 per month, and includes 10 25mg sildenafil chewables or 10 2.5mg tadalafil chewables.
Popular: Costs $50 per month, and comes with 17 25mg sildenafil chewables or 17 2.5mg tadalafil chewables.
Pro: cost $90 per month, and has either 34 of 25mg sildenafil chewables or 34 of 30mg tadalafil chewables.
There’s a separate $5 shipping fee charged for each order. Note also that BlueChew does not accept insurance. However, the service is cheaper than in-person doctors visits and getting supplies from a pharmacy, even with insurance.


In a matter of minutes, you can place your order for BlueChew drugs, and have it shipped to your doorstep within a few days, together with a prescription from a certified doctor. No waiting rooms, no queues in a pharmacy.

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