Volume Pills: Your Sperm Booster Choice

Volume Pills

Are you looking for an effective yet safe way to increase your sperm volume

Fortunately, there are numerous supplements in the market that claim to enhance your load. But the question is, which one of those products really work? 

Recently, we found a male enhancement product that promises to increase semen volume which is called Volume Pills.

What are Volume Pills? 

Volume Pills

Volume Pills have been around since 2003 and it’s produced and distributed by a company called Leading Edge Health. This company claims that its pills can help you ejaculate 500% more sperm after using their product. Moreover, it can also give you harder and bigger erections, and more intense orgasms. 

This supplement contains a combination of natural ingredients like Melon extract, Indian Gooseberry extract, Reishi, and Zinc. It also includes trademarked ingredients such as Soldilin and Drilizen. 

With those ingredients, you can achieve intense orgasms, rock hard erections, and increased blood flow to your penis. 

How does Volume Pills work?

Volume Pills

First things first — you may need to take note that this is only a supplement which means that it only assists you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Any doctor would greatly recommend that you exercise regularly and watch your diet while taking supplements for you to produce large amounts of semen. 

Volume Pills uses natural ingredients and no synthetic components that may give you weird side effects or harm your overall health. It contains nutrients, reputed aphrodisiacs, and herbs that can maintain, plus improve your reproductive organ’s health. And if your reproductive system is healthy, that means you can also have better-quality erections

Moreover, this product can also boost your testosterone levels. Perhaps you may already know that low T-levels can mean low sexual performance and low libido. Luckily, Volume Pills can counteract those issues as you get older. 

The only thing you may need to remember is to take this supplement daily to achieve optimum results. What’s best is you don’t need to use any strange gadgets to get your desired results. 

What are the ingredients of Volume Pills?

Volume Pills

This product’s ingredients are what makes it effective as a sperm booster. However, it may not be a perfect formula as the company used a proprietary blend. That means you may not know the exact dosage of every ingredient of Volume Pills. 

On top of that, it also contains secret trademarked blended ingredients which means you can never be sure of what is mixed in the formula. You might only be given a reassurance that it contains an all-natural blend

Here are some main ingredients of Volume Pills:

Zinc Gluconate

When zinc is in its gluconate form, there’s a higher chance that your system can absorb it more efficiently. According to the label, Volume Pills has 24mg of zinc per serving — and that’s a lot. In fact, that’s already 160% of your daily recommended zinc intake. 

Low testosterone levels can be caused by zinc deficiency and your body needs 30mg of zinc daily. So with 24mg from this supplement, the remaining 6mg can be provided by your diet. 


This is a trademarked blended ingredient that helps in enhancing blood flow and boosting nitric oxide production. With this, you can get stronger and bigger erections. 

Moreover, it also contains Tribulus Terrestis which is known to increase muscle mass and improve libido. It boosts hormone production that regulates the flow of testosterone in your body.


Unlike the previous ingredients, this one focuses on psychological benefits. It has L-Dopa that is needed for producing dopamine or the happy hormone.

Ling Zhi

This is extracted from a Chinese mushroom that has been used throughout history for an “essence of immorality” and “spiritual potency”. It has components that can delay aging, relieve allergic symptoms, prevent hypertension, and boost the immune system.

Pros and cons of Volume Pills


  • Improves the quality of your erection and increases the amount of sperm
  • It maintains or increases your testosterone levels
  • It helps fight obesity and stress
  • It’s very simple to use
  • The effectivity of its ingredients are backed by science
  • It’s safe and has no side effects
  • It comes with a 60-day guarantee


  • It uses a proprietary formula so you may not know for sure the exact dosage of each herb.
  • It utilizes trademarked blended ingredients.

Summing it up

Volume Pill’s unique and natural ingredients are what made it different from its counterparts in the industry. It can provide you with fast and effective results. But, remember that no supplement or medicine works equally well for every individual so you might want to manage your expectations. 

If you really want to boost your sperm, you can give Volume Pills a shot, and alternatively if you’d like to last longer in bed, you may want to try some fast-acting ed medication.

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