Take Women to Cloud Nine With These Female Orgasm Secrets

Women faking orgasms isn’t a myth! 

Yes, you read that right. That’s because getting an orgasm can be tricky for a lot of ladies. 

But here’s the thing — you can possibly help your partner cum by stimulating her sweet spots and giving her enough tenderness and of course, time. It’s not like you’re going to make her climax in just a few minutes — that’s not how it works, man. 

If you’re unsure how you’re going to do it, you can use these female orgasm tips we’ve compiled below. 

So lo and behold — the secrets to giving your woman the toe-curling orgasms she deserves!

Foreplay is “very” crucial


If you feel aroused with just one sexy glance from your girlfriend, know that it’s not the same for her. Women usually need a lot of emotional and physical stimulation for them to heat up, get wet, and be ready for an orgasm. That’s exactly the reason why you need to spend more time on foreplay. 

Foreplay has the word “play”, so make sure you live to it. Don’t rush and never treat it like some obligatory task. As a matter of fact, some foreplay is done hours before the actual sex to prime her for an orgasm. 

Find her sweet spots

man sucking tits and rubbing clit

Sweet spots — yes, plural. That’s because there are two places in the female anatomy you can stimulate to encourage an orgasm. 

The first one is the clitoris. It’s a tiny organ on top of her vulva containing 8,000 nerve endings. That’s a lot, right? Well, no wonder most women find pleasure in rubbing their clits.

The clitoris is covered with a “clitoral hood” which looks like a bit of skin. It is responsible for keeping the clit stimulated. So to ensure it gets all the gratification it needs, you might want to massage it with your fingers or lick it. When she feels aroused, you’ll notice that her clitoris becomes erect. 

The second orgasmic area is the G-spot which can be found inside her vagina. It has a bundle of nerve endings and it’s specifically located two inches above the inner pubic bone on the vagina’s upper wall. 

To stimulate her G-spot, thrust your fingers inside her with your palm facing up. And here’s the most important step — gently curl your fingers up. That’ll send her squirming excitedly in pleasure. 

But keep in mind that not all women like their G-spots to be stimulated directly. Others prefer receiving lesser pressure as it is one of the most sensitive parts of their body. 

It’s best if you experiment on various techniques until you find one that she likes the most. 

Try sex positions designed for women

woman on top

As you’ve learned earlier, females can reach the climax when their G-spot and clitoris are properly stimulated. That means you’d need sex positions that’ll give you access to those delicious sweet spots. 

So here are female-friendly positions you can try:

First, the Woman on Top. Aside from this position gives you access to a fantastic view of her lady parts, it also allows you to stimulate her G-spot. She is even in control of her body movements which means she can find the right angle to stimulate her clitoris. 

Second, the Rear Entry. This one isn’t really meant for clitoral stimulation but it can help you hit her G-spot. Anyway, both of you can reach under to rub her clit so it’s still a great choice. 

And lastly, the Sitting position. You can do this by letting your lover sit on your lap. Through this, you can penetrate her deeply and can even allow some clit play. On top of that, getting sweaty and naughty in this position can provide you a sense of intimacy. 

Maybe you’re wondering: Why is the Missionary not on the list? 

Well, clitoral stimulation is impossible in that position — unless you grind your pelvis on her. And the angle is also not right for G-spot titillation. 

Here’s our final say

Now, IF you still have trouble making her orgasm after trying all these tips, then maybe you can start asking your partner for feedback. Ask her how she wants to be “loved” and “explored”, and you can take it from there. 

Take note that some women might need to see a health professional or a sex therapist. This is to determine if she has any illnesses or medications that affect her ability to climax. 

Being able to take a woman to cloud nine requires trial and error. But hey — don’t forget to enjoy and have fun while at it. Trust us, your sex life and manhood will thank you for it. 

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