6 Major Turn-Offs Men Usually Make

Dating Major Turn-Offs

The nice guys are the ones concerned with what turns a woman off. These major turn-offs are the ultimate deal-breakers.

These are deal-breakers on a first date but also can ruin things for you somewhere into the second or third date.

Usually, these major turn-offs only get through on the early stage because the woman ignores the red flags. But sooner or later, they won’t be going out with you anymore.

Well, good thing HealthierMag is here to remind you if ever you are already doing these red flags. So let’s get started.

Poor hygiene

Major Turn-Offs poor hygiene

Let’s start with something very basic. Having poor hygiene is a major turn-off period.

It doesn’t have to be dating. What is your initial reaction whenever you come across somebody who is drenched in sweat or has bad breath? Don’t you try to get as far away from them as possible?

As much as we try to play it nice, it’s hard to do so when you are distracted by a foul odor or sloppiness when it comes to cleanliness.

You can consider this one of the most major turn-offs since this one breaks the deal from the very beginning.

Poor grooming

Major turn-off poor grooming

Poor hygiene and poor grooming work hand in hand. No matter how clean you are, if you don’t groom yourself properly, you’ll always look dirty or sloppy.

There are a lot of attractive men who are unable to groom themselves properly. While some go for the rugged-looking machismo, even that requires grooming to intentionally look like the handsome rougher.

It’s even funny sometimes when guys try hard to makes themselves smell good but fail to comb their hair or wear nice-fitting clothes.

You can wear the cheapest outfits for as long as it perfectly fits your body shape and is freshly cleaned.

When they say “dress to impress,” it literally means grooming yourself.

Bad body language

Major Turn-Offs bad body language

How you carry yourself out there is very important. You always need to be firm and have conviction.

That said, having good body language will make you stand out in the crowd. You’re going to see a prime example of this in clubs.

You are there in your expensive suit while the weirdly-dressed guy who’s peacocking the ladies are stealing your girls. It’s because their body language speaks a lot for them.

It is important for a man to know how to carry himself. Exhibiting poor body language makes it easy for women to either boss you around or consider you their inferior.

Also, poor body language also shows lack of conviction. It will look like you aren’t firm with your words even if what you are saying is 100% true.

Besides, body language alone can dictate the pace of your kino escalation. A girl will reciprocate with your advances depending on the conviction of your movements.

So if you want that goodnight kiss at the end of your first date, make sure your body language leads her to that.


Major Turn-Offs neediness

Neediness is a sign of loyalty. The problem is women don’t see it that way. It’s a harsh reality brought upon us by the laws of nature.

You might be asking her out all the time because you want to be loyal and stick to her. On a girl’s perspective, you are being too reliant on her.

Treat her like she’s the least of your priorities. That way, you will get used to doing important things first leaving her as the reward.

Twice a month is a good start. No matter how loyal you are, you need to be a fuckboy if she isn’t your girlfriend or wife yet.

Your extreme loyalty might be suffocating her. She still needs space for her personal life and you have to put yours above all else too.

First step is to make it a point to send a one-liner text. If she doesn’t reply, send one to someone else instead. Don’t blow up her inbox or you’re going to blow your chances.

Being disorganized

disorganized guy

Another major turn off that women hate about their opposite sex is being disorganized. It is their job to be such.

You all are familiar about the joke of a man shopping vs a woman shopping. A man usually has everything set straight while the woman seems like she doesn’t have a concrete plan at all.

Organization also works in your home. Don’t take a woman back to your place if your living room is filled with uncleaned junk food and beer cans.

Usually, it’s not a man’s job to clean up every single time but at least they make sure they do when the situation calls for it. It’s called being prepared.

Besides, organizing your things is a good exercise to practice grooming.

Failure to see what turns her onĀ 

Major turn-off

This one is probably the hardest. Women are difficult. They are easy to read because of their girl codes.

Women can say “no” when in reality, they want it so bad that they are willing to kill for it. That’s how difficult they are.

It also may be the reason why she suddenly ghosted you. One of the major turn-offs to them is when you don’t recognize what turns them on.

It is human nature for women to be passive. They will never make the first move. You will have to move in to be the one to hug or kiss her before she reciprocates.

That’s why to solve this, it’s easier to just go in for the kill all the time. Of course, kill means kino-escalating things.

If she turns down your advances, then move on. If she reciprocates, then you win. The pain of getting turned down is less damaging than the pain of those consistent thoughts of “what if?”

Besides, their hormones rage more than ours. The only difference is ours is more evident.

Of course, having erectile dysfunction is another one of the major turn-offs. We’ll save that for some other time though.

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