Is Smoking Weed Good or Bad for Erectile Dysfunction?

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So you’re at a party where people are smoking weed. You chat up some of the girls and managed to pick one up, now she’s waiting on your bed while you find a condom. Suddenly a cold dread comes over you. “Will the weed affect my performance for tonight?” The answer is… No one really knows. So you’re better off just going for it. Find the condom first though. 

It has long been hypothesized that smoking weed can be bad for, and can actually cause, erectile dysfunction due to the fact that smoking weed can affect your blood pressure and that there are cannabinoid receptors in the smooth tissue of the penis. But few people have actually bothered to study this hypothesis. In 2016, there was a study that tried to answer this question but the findings said that there is no significant difference in the risk of erectile dysfunction between people who did partake and people who didn’t. To better understand this, let’s talk about the effects of marijuana.

Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana consists of the dried parts of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Smoking these dried parts causes a psychoactive effect because the plant itself contains some chemicals that affect a person’s thinking. These chemicals are called cannabinoids. Which means that they can also affect the receptors in your penis’s smooth tissue. This leads to the hypothesis that marijuana can be bad for your penis. 

To add to that, most people use marijuana recreationally but it also has a lot of medicinal uses, for example, it can be used to treat anorexia and it lessens the pain from chemotherapy.  Anyway, the misconception about erectile dysfunction and marijuana use could stem from the fact that due to the psychoactive effects of the drug, people are more relaxed and have a slower reaction time which means an impaired sex drive. 

The ones that DO give you problems with erections are tobacco and alcohol abuse. Smoking tobacco restricts the veins and arteries which lead to impaired blood flow and could consequently lead to erectile dysfunction. So if you smoke cigarettes and drink regularly remember this helpful little tidbit. Cigarettes and alcohol can impair the penile function.

What DOES improve blood flow through, is exercise. So if you want to have better performance in the sack then go and jog daily! PLUS it also improves your stamina! Better blood flow and better stamina mean better performance so if you’re really aiming to satisfy, you better get those legs moving! 

In conclusion, If you are under the effects of marijuana while about to have sex, there is a possibility that you would have some trouble getting it up but this is mainly because of the psychological effects of the drug rather than the ones that deal with the blood itself. But there’s not a lot of evidence on the matter. So in the end, no one’s really sure. Perhaps new studies in the future will shed some light on this matter but right now, there isn’t enough evidence so no one’s stopping you!

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