6 Girl Codes That Don’t Always Work For Guys

girl codes

Girl codes are as unpredictable as female nature. Reading them doesn’t mean you are an expert at them.

Unless you’re living in a bubble, you already know how complex dating can be. It’s not like how you see them in movies.

There are times where you think too much about these unwritten girl codes that you forget to just live in the moment. It causes you to overdo where it isn’t necessary.

It’s time to make that plot twist in your dating game as we talk about the 6 Girl Codes That Don’t Always Work For Guys.

Splitting the bill

splitting the bill at dates

One of the girl codes that can be so messed up that it may sound absurd is splitting the bill. All of a sudden, making a girl pay doesn’t make you a beta.

It’s probably one of the most confusing things about dating. Who pays when you two have been seeing each other for quite some time already?

Girl code states that being a cheapskate is going to get you ghosted. You won’t be able to score another if a girl feels burdened.

What you need to understand though is that it only works for the first few dates. Once the girl is comfortable enough to have you as company, so should you be with letting her pay at times.

Nobody likes a control freak unless it’s kinky sex. The same goes with always insisting on paying.

The mandatory disrespect

flirting with a girl

Putting “mandatory” and “disrespect” in the same sentence can be pretty weird. Sadly, initial attraction starts there.

You need to give a girl what players call a “neg” in order to get in their nerves. Once you’re in, you’re part of the blood that slowly runs though her mind and heart.

The problem lies when you neg them too much that you are already establishing a lack of interest. Girls may want to be disrespected but not stepped on with inhumane intent.

While they fall for all your insults, you need to pull away and show a sweet side to it. No wedding vow ever written is filled with the same insults you would say in a neg.

The mandatory disrespect isn’t something sustainable. You may intentionally say them to get your target but once you’re in, it’s sweet talk time.

Time and time again, sweet metaphors are a good follow up after a bunch of negs. The rule is always giving two, and taking one. Make a playful negation only to drop a good positive line that overpowers those two negations.

Once you two are exclusively dating, it’s something you ought to do to keep her excited.

The touch barrier

touching a girl

One thing that is hard to avoid is being touchy at some point. Girl codes state that a guy that’s rigid and balled-up automatically lacks the balls to kino escalate.

Let’s be real. Girls have the power here. Touch them a bit more and they have the power to brand you a sexual harassed whether they liked what you did or not.

Meaningful dates have that touch barrier. You simply can’t just hold her hand while you two are walking. You need the right moment to ease into the haptics.

It is extremely hard for a nice guy because they always attribute this with “respect.” That’s actually the right thing to do because a respectful woman would want it kept that way.

Don’t listen to those pick-up artists who judge you for being too slow. Meaningful relationships take time to grow.

Even the one-night hookups that turn into relationships become a cautious tale once a formal wholesome date happens.

The “kiss close”

leaning in for a kiss

There has always been a notion that you need to kiss a girl right away or else you are too slow. It’s a bet among guys and a code among girls that doesn’t always work.

A guy should be careful with his actions because this is dating and not flirtation. You’ll need to keep it in your pants as much as possible because a respectable girl won’t just give it to you.

So do your lips. While locking lips is the ultimate first date capper, girl codes actually state that if you two don’t kiss on the first date, it’s a decent one.

It’s not a bad thing though because a decent girl wouldn’t just give herself away like that. If she calls you too slow for not being able to “kiss close” at the end of the night, then she’s a skanky one, that’s for sure.

Decent girls do not want that. They’d rather value themselves before giving sensual body parts to the guy.

Not because the girl code for skanks say so, you should kiss a girl outright to not be labeled a loser. It’s quite the same as the touch barrier.

The “Love” Test

showing love

There’s going to be a point in your dating life that you will be stuck in limbo as the relationship is starting to form a definition.

While it’s common girl code to brand you as a low-value man by saying “I love you” right away. It really depends on what type of girl you are looking for.

Even those who flirt around are looking for a meaningful relationship at the back of their minds. Females are simply just wired that way. They have the ability to mirror your actions.

If you seek hookups, they’re going to ride along and play you around. However, if you seek a meaningful relationship filled with dates and deep talks, you’ll be able to build around something in the long run.

In girl codes, when the feelings start to grow and at some point, she will want you to utter that sweet three-word, eight-letter phrase that pretty much seals the deal.

If you don’t tell her at some point, she will simply dump you because you will now look like a beta male player that doesn’t know what he wants.

Forget the girl codes

boyfriend and girlfriend

This may sound pretty ironic after talking about girl codes the entire time but you have to drop it at some point.

Once you’re in deep, no amount of girl codes will sustain a budding relationship. You are at a point where you have determined the code. It’s time now to understand them.

We’re talking about girl codes for relationships which means you’ve gotten past the obstacles of getting to the top. It’s now time to make sure you stay on top.

That said, you should ditch every girl code you know and turn that into “girlfriend code.”

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