5 Irresistible Traits to Make Her Approach You

irresistible man

Some men just have that natural irresistible charm. Some of you have to be familiar with the traits to be able to pull it off though.

Don’t worry. It isn’t the end of the world for you. You still have a chance to become a irresistible ladies’ man yourself.

Just keep in mind these 5 irresistible traits and you will survive in this world full of attraction laws.

Irresistible trait #1: Being a good talker

irresistible good talker

There’s no bigger turn off than a quiet man. Don’t believe women when they call a talkative boastful man arrogant.

If you know how to read girl codes, you’ll realize that being quiet and humble will only come off as boring to them. I can tell you a ton of guys who were quiet on first dates that never got a second chance.

You need to be the alpha male that starts every conversation. Women should never dictate what it is to be talked about. It’s a man’s job to start conversations with everyone.  

This will make you be more visible as you know how to be open to others. It also hones your conversational skills.

Being a good talker gives out an image that you are very approachable. Looking the part make women think that you are a free shoulder to cry on.

Tt’s your job to follow through from there.

Irresistible trait #2: Be mysterious

irresistible mysterious guy

This one is quite the opposite of the first trait. Not everyone can successfully pull this off. You need to be born with good gifts to do so.

What does this mean? You’ll have to be good looking or extremely talented to spark up some female curiosity. The good news is you can be an isolated case of a success story for this.

Just keep in mind that you aren’t obligated to share any details about your life at all. Make these delicate details slowly come out as you really get to know a person. Make them ask about it rather than you telling them upfront.

How can you be talkative and mysterious at the same time? Always make sure the conversations are all about them. Be the one who opens up topics by asking questions about them.

Making it all about them makes you more mysterious than you realize. Then, they are going to be more curious and want to know you more, hence, making you more approachable in the process.

The rule here is always give three and take one. If you don’t have to give anything about you, the better.

That means not providing any intimate details about you at all. Let her do that. She has to earn your trust and she can do so by approaching you.

Always lead the conversation. Don’t dominate it. That way, you can be that talkative mysterious man.

Irresistible trait #3: The playful smirk

irresistible playful smirk

Time and time again, the playful smirk always works. One where the guy looks at the girl with a smile and then looks away.

There is some psychology to that because it creates some sort of curiosity wherein the girl tends to be bothered of what the guy saw that made them smirk.

The technique is when you see a girl looking at you, smirk for 3 seconds, and then look away. 

It actually sends a message that you got distracted by her charm but you won’t be fazed that easily. You are confident enough to hold eye contact for a few seconds and then move on with your life.

It elicits a reaction where the woman wants an interaction to happen. This thing works so well at clubs. The masters always use this technique.

Pull this off and she can easily approach you especially when you two bump into each other again later in the night.

You might want to pair it with some confidence hacks too!

Irresistible trait #4: Keeping the woman guessing

keep her guessing

For some weird reason, girls love to play guessing games. That’s why the term “push and pull” ever existed in the first place.

Sometimes it’s when you mostly talk to guys and rarely approach women that they find odd. They tend to be curious and approach you to find out if you are the same way with them.

Even in dating and flirting this happens a lot. Ever get asked the question “why is your friend so quiet?” or “why doesn’t he go out a lot?” It’s a small part of this mini attraction.

Not only in social scenarios does this happen. By intentionally making a day or two pass before replying to her texts or texting her three days after getting her number, you are already making her guess.

It’s another law of nature we need to accept that clingy means creepy and no girl wants to approach a creep. The best way to keep her guessing is to be able to establish being a high-value man.

How can you do so? Make her guess what you really want. Be flirty then turn the switch off from time to time. She’s going to wonder why one moment you are very touchy and the next, you treat her like a stranger.

Women go crazy over that. Call it masochism if you want but they like approaching men who play.

Irresistible trait #5: Be good at texting

irresistible good texter

This is probably the ultimate trait you need to be approachable. You need to be a good texter in order to become more approachable to women.

Treat texting like a game. Use it to entertain yourself rather than for getting a girlfriend. It also gives them a tease if you’re a good texter.

Texting creates a good interaction with women even when you intentionally have to space out your replies. It creates this excitement for what you are about to say next. It also opens up an aura of mystery in the process.

You can practice being a good texter with dating apps and sites. It’s a good place to hone your confidence when talking to a woman online.

Of course, you’ll have to deliver with the same confidence in a face-to-face conversation too. It’s something you can only practice if you put yourself out there.

Mistakes are inevitable the same way typographical errors are excusable. Sometimes a typo can actually start a funny conversation.

Just be sure you know how to rebound from it.

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