5 Dating Red Flags That You Should Walk Away From

dating red flags toxic girl

There are dating red flags you should shy away from. Ignoring them will cost you in the long run.

While it is an example of extreme feeling of love to be accepting flaws, there are times where doing so would render you stupid.

Why will you give the person the very stone they plan to throw towards you, right? That’s what happens when you simply accept dating red flags.

It actually isn’t a loss for you even if you are already starting to have feelings for a person. It just means you are strong enough with your own security to not want validation from her.

That said, we are going to talk about the 5 Dating Red Flags That You Should Walk Away From.

The negatively needy

needy girlfriend

Just like girl codes for men, females have a needy side to them too. The problem is that it is coming from ill fate rather than a sign of loyalty.

You’re going to recognize this when she uses your feelings for her as leverage whenever she needs to bother you from your busy schedule.

You as a good person will have the basic instinct to be helpful. The problem is that you are just being abused.

She doesn’t really want you by her side. She’s just after your resources and company so she would feel good about herself.

What happens when she doesn’t need you? Back you go to the friendzone until she thinks of something she could use you for again.

There are instances where a girl can be needy but because she loves you and wants to know your every move. That’s actually more acceptable than you being taken for granted.

Know your worth and learn to walk away when the dating red flags show.

No labels

no label relationship

You two are getting cozy but apparently there are still high walls. Does it sound familiar? That’s a relationship with no labels.

This is one of the dating red flags that hurts the most. Knowing that she is only keeping you as if you are a boyfriend but doesn’t treat you as such.

It’s good if there is sex involved but when a notorious play chick acts like a nun when you two are together, it’s the telltale sign of quiet but toxic relationship.

Obviously, she is single and free. It’s just that she still has use for you as her validation and crowning glory that you fail to notice that the relationship is not moving at all.

Not having labels devalues a man more than a woman. Women can simply find a new man to cling to because men are wired to chase. Us men are the losers in this story.

This is probably one of the worst dating red flags you can spot. If there are alert levels for this one, you can put it at level 5.

Just walk away with your dignity because it isn’t worth fighting for someone who isn’t even lifting a finger to do the same.

The toxic ex girlfriend

dating red flags toxic girl

Sometimes we are caught up with how gorgeous a girl is that we tend to ignore her stories of past relationships.

This is common when dating a friend you have known for quite some time. When you start having an iota of feelings, the heart beats faster than the mind sending signals.

It means you are so clouded in your feelings that you tend to ignore the vital piece of information. You’ll only realize it once you are now the victim of the toxic relationship.

Girls are wired in such a way that they tend to complicate small issues and turn them into big fights. While there are unintentional times, some do it intentionally out of their toxic nature.

While it’s hard to determine that from someone you’ve just picked up and met, you will notice the signs just a few dates in.

One of those signs is calling out your attitudes and habits early into the dating stage. These things should happen in a serious relationship with two talking open-mindedly amongst each other.

Otherwise, you’re in for a ton of arguments once you two officially seal the deal.

Age gaps

dating age gap

Huge age gaps only work later in life. If you are in your late 20s to early 30s and you are dating a girl who is 5-10 years younger, you’re in for some trouble.

It’s considered one of the dating red flags because the older one will have a tendency to be a parent to the younger. The memories of dealing with such errors firsthand will be forced down the younger one’s throat.

While the easiest solution here is to allow the other one to grow, you’d be better off walking away from her as early as you can.

She’s still young and wild and free while you are in the laying low stage with bigger goals in life. Sure, you can lift her up but it doesn’t equate to how much she can pull you down.

So, if you’re 23 and dating a 18-year old, you’re in for some trouble especially if the upbringings are different. She’s still out fooling around while you’ve already learned from the consequences of it when you were her age.

Ditch it while you can because she might use it as crowning glory that she ditched the older catch she was dating.

The thinker doer

thinker doer girlfriend

They say thinkers doers especially when they are insecure. Just because she does it, she’s going to accuse you of being the same.

It’s one of the huge dating red flags when you are dating a thinker doer who is a notorious flirt. She’s skanking around so she’s going to accuse you of being a womanizer yourself.

The truth here is, she’s just looking for a license to cheat on you. She’d accuse you of cheating so she will have a license to exact her revenge.

It’s not a healthy thing already to begin with. You’re going to regret continuously dating such girl. The ones who are fans of not having labels are the number one people guilty of this.

Since the relationship isn’t labeled, she can sleep around with anyone she wants and not allow you to do so with you. If you show an iota of disinterest, then she plays the thinker doer card.

This is actually the culmination of the first four dating red flags put together.

If you are dating a thinker doer, chances are you are dating her other red flags.

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