3 Reasons Your Love Life Can Affect Your Mental Health As Well

love life mental health

Your love life can directly impact your mental health either positively or negatively. It pays to choose wisely.

There are a bunch of factors as to why your love life is directly connected to your own personal wellbeing. While there’s the physical aspect, nobody likes a nutjob of a partner as well.

Sometimes it’s the imbalances where mishaps could happen. When one isn’t as committed or giving as the other, those imbalances reach chemical levels in your brain.

As much as we can’t consider plain sadness as full-on depression, the feelings are very similar. There are times when an extremely sad person can consider themselves depressed as well.

Since we are getting close to hearts day, you will likely go on first dates or a couple of dates on February 14. The dates can be happy and connecting but will it be for you personally?

It’s time we beat you to the chase and explain how such dates may affect your mental health.

Loyalty and sincerity leads to neediness

needy guy

Being clingy or needy is an ultimate red flag in girl code. It’s a sad fact of life where you have to be intentionally unloyal just to attract your partner.

Single guys suffer from this a lot. They suddenly look for a love life when they become vacant for a very long time. That said, being too clingy on a single girl they fancy becomes a trend.

The problem is that even if she is your girlfriend and you exhibit such, she’s either going to leave you or ghost you without proper closure. The bad part is you are already a couple when she did.

For the single guys, being too clingy and wanting to talk to the same girl all the time is a major turn off to all girls in the world. You’ll need to focus on talking to as many girls as possible if you are single.

How does being clingy and needy affect your mental health? It makes you overthink certain situations whenever she doesn’t reply to your texts or goes out with you again.

It’s too much to think of considering you’ve just been going out a few times. She sees this as a red flag because she will think you’ll make her a prisoner instead of a girlfriend.

Such absurd thoughts create a chain reaction to her own thoughts as well.

Speaking of overthinking…


Overthinking is a symptom of extreme intelligence. You think of all the possible scenarios because you know there are more possibilities than a shallow-minded person can think of.

The problem is that sometimes, overthinking can mess up your mental makeup. Instead of focusing thoughts on strategies and ideas on how to step up your game in your love life, you waste it thinking about what’s on her mind.

Even if she is your girlfriend, she will think your overthinking thoughts are a sign of insecurity instead of intelligence. Besides, She will be completely 1000% (went beyond a hundred on purpose) be honest and open with you.

Girls tend to use the words “you are insecure” as an excuse to do things their partner will disapprove of. Sadly, it’s a fact of life that we couldn’t change just like the laws of nature.

Love life have a feeling of security and your overthinking thoughts might just be hindering that. It can develop into a habit that will overwork your brain to the point of mental exhaustion.

Emotional drains

emotional drains

Committing too much on your love life has a lot of emotional drains. Dating alone is such a tedious task already if you are a goal-oriented person.

Unless you meet a girl who is willing to support you in the building stages of your life, focusing on love life will be detrimental to your wealth. Dating is a waste of time because the more time and money you spend on dates, the more you lose in opportunities to earn more.

Being broke is an unofficial form of depression. Those who say money isn’t everything never had any to begin with. How do you expect to afford needs without money?

Do you see how much is lost focusing on your love life? It creates a chain of depressive things that leads to a legitimate clinically-declared depression.

Imagine going through all that trouble only to get to a new stage of challenges to your mental health once you become couples?

Eventually, you’re going to get burned out so just focus on your career instead.

The bottom line

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking for love at all. It is better to do so when you are already established enough to stabilize your mental health.

Having a love life is one of the happiest things to happen to a person. It’s probably why some couples go through everything despite being broke. That’s if you two are meant for each other though.

The wonders of your love life lies in the fact that she comes to you without anyone making a chase. It’s the most organic relationship you can have when in between living life, you two suddenly just fall in love with each other.

First dates should be kept to a minimal unless you can afford it. But in those first dates is where you’ll see if the love is bound to be organic.

Reality shows often rely on these certain scenarios where each person has an individual goal but suddenly falls in love in between. This narrative is so relatable that you should pick from that.

Not reaching goals is another blow to your mental health. Have a mindset where you just rely on organics will be better for your love life overall.

Make sure you practice these mind practices as well.

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