5 Obvious Signs You’re with the Wrong Guy

wrong guy

You’re obviously dating the fuckboy. Maybe you aren’t but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the wrong guy.

You might be too nice of a person to intentionally ignore the red flags. Sometimes a relationship is just doomed, to begin with without us even noticing.

Whether it’s out of love or you just keep repeating old habits, it’s time we break that with these 5 obvious signs you’re with the wrong guy.

You are trying hard

trying hard with wrong guy

As much as the guys always do the chasing, Women happen to fund it fun to work for a guy’s affection.

You feel like that superhero that will try to change this fuckboy’s ways. To be fair, guys do that too with flirty girls. It happens to the nicest of hearts.

Sometimes, you already see this as an obvious sign that you are dating the wrong guy but still continue to proceed in the name of feelings.

Although it’s fun to have such a challenge every once in a while, these things should still be avoided at any cost. It’s because the wrong guy will only keep you for his own validation and that’s something you ought to avoid.

So unless this guy is putting you on the pedestal, he isn’t right for you. Start ditching this wrong guy before it’s too late.

Know your worth and value it.

You are swallowing metaphorical poison

wrong guy poison

Don’t be stuck with the mindset that “wrong guy is better than no guy.”

There isn’t anything better about having a wrong guy mistreat you over and over again. It’s just a poison that’s slowly killing your heart.

It’s also the root of all toxic relationships. Toxicity starts with poison. Once you let your heart take it in, it will soon run into your veins and break your systems.

Stop being with that guy who you are having constant arguments with. Sometimes they even are so manipulative that they treat you with gifts just to say they’re sorry.

Don’t fall for this scam because they are going to think that you are too easy to beg for. Demonstrate that high value and show the wrong guy that you are worth more than his gifts.

Don’t fall into that emotional turmoil that just never ends until the entire relationship is.

The love hormone

wrong guy make up sex

Sex feels good. It is a given. Who in the right legal age doesn’t like to have sex?

The problem is that men release oxytocin during sex. It causes them to have increased libido and have competitive behavior once those testosterone levels elevate.

Sometimes, you as a woman don’t notice that they just want to hook up non-stop and don’t care about you anymore. You start becoming material goods to the wrong guy.

Science is also against you here because their testosterone levels also crash, meaning they won’t be as intimate as you once you are done hooking up. So you might be looking for the cuddles but they ask you for a sandwich.

This one is a law of nature that we have to accept. There’s no way that you can change that. What you can do, however, is to make sure you aren’t dealing with the wrong guy when the hormones play with your fate.

Force of habit

wrong guy habit

Ever heard the line “all men are the same?” It’s become such a cliche line already that it’s so irritating and disappointing to hear.

First, you as a woman chose to waste your free will when there are already red flags. You chose to continue on because of the prior mentioned reasons.

Sometimes women are just willing to waste time and energy waiting for the fuckboy to become Mr. Right. That’s never going to happen in real life. Those scenes are only reserved for the movies.

The best solution you can make is just walking away and stop responding to his advances. There’s this problem with some women where they already know what the wrong guy’s reputation is but still proceed to make flirtatious advances.

This usually leads to a repeated cycle of heartbreaks until you learn to walk away.

You’re a flirt, to begin with

flirty girl with wrong guy

This isn’t an insult, it’s just a fact of your life.

Sometimes you are just too slippery especially when you come across a cute guy. Women suddenly have this double standard where they bend all their rules if they guy is cute enough.

Not only are you devaluing yourself as a woman by being such a flirt, you are also not respecting yourself. Why call Mr. Right clingy or needy when you can just ditch the double standards you have with the wrong guy?

Apparently, it’s something that is hard to fix until you get to a certain age. Sometimes you even seek the wrong guy even when you are already married or in a serious relationship.

You get what you give. If you are flirting around with guys, then expect to attract guys flirting around with girls.

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