What’s a Good Erection Duration That You Should Aim For?

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Men with erectile dysfunction aren’t the only ones who feel pressured to last longer in bed; most men do. It’s no surprise then that many men who’re capable of pulling off long nightstands on bed brag about it like a badge of honor. The question of how long men last in bed on average is timeless and tireless. However, answers to this question have emerged only in recent times where advancement in technology has facilitated the collection of relevant data.

One of the most renown results emerged from the 2005 Journal of Sexual Medicine, which involved 500 couples across Europe and the US. While participants reported erection periods ranging from a few minutes to an hour or even longer, the research showed that the average erection during sex lasts about 6 minutes. The researchers also found a correlation between the length of erection and criteria such as age, health condition, frequency of sexual activity, and the type of erection (yes, there are many types of erection).

The main aim of this research was to study premature ejaculation; the discovery of the average erection duration was only a byproduct. The study enrolled heterosexual couples who were drawn across the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, the UK, and the US. The men who participated were asked to track the duration of their sexual intercourse using a timer and a diary, starting the timer upon penetration of the vagina and stopping as soon as they ejaculated. They handed their records to the researchers after four weeks of taking measurements. They also provided the researchers with some personal information such as age, health condition, and other demographic info.

After collecting and analyzing the data, the researchers found that the average time before ejaculation was about 6 minutes, with the shortest time being a few minutes and the longest lasting beyond an hour. Majority of the men lasted between 4 -11 minutes, and those who lasted longer than 21 minutes were considered as ‘outliners.’

And now, Bluechew tablets can help men with ED stay sexually active for anywhere between 4-36 hours! Bluechew tablets contain sildenafil and tadalafil — the active ingredient in some of the most popular ED medications.

How Long Can You Last in Bed? With Bluechew Drugs?

The two active ingredients in Bluechew drugs, Sildenafil and Tadalafil, work similarly. They’re both considered as PDE5 inhibitors, which according to the National Institute of Health are “the first-line therapy for ED.” Sildenafil and tadalafil differ mostly in the duration of their effects. While the effects of sildenafil last for an intense 4-6 hours, those of tadalafil are long-drawn over the course of 24-36 hours.

Sildenafil is considered as more of an on-demand option, while tadalafil is suitable when there’s a much wider window of opportunity.

Bluechew a service according to your needs

No matter how desperate you may want to last long in bed, it’s never advisable to consume any of these ingredients without a doctor’s prescription. With Bluechew, You’re allowed to choose between either of the two active ingredients and the timing of the dosage, depending on your personal needs. However, your Bluechew doctor will determine the dose you can take per time. Note that the maximum daily dose of Sildenafil is 100mg.

Bluechew drugs also come in chewable form, and this significantly cuts down on time it takes for them to dissolve and take effect in the body. Note that high-fat meals can inhibit the effectiveness of both active ingredients. It’s always advisable either to abstain from fatty foods a few hours prior to taking the ED drugs or to take the drugs on an empty stomach. You can take both types of drugs daily, or on-demand, depending on your personal needs.

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