What Pill Can I Take to Last Longer in Bed?

One of the most devastating calamities that can befall a man is premature ejaculation. It is unexpected, very embarrassing, and twists what is supposed to be a source of great joy to be one of life’s greatest disappointments. No man would ever wish to have any form of erectile dysfunction, but how to escape it remains a fundamental question that needs answers.

When you should be concerned

Most men do not have reasonable expectations about how long they should last in bed. Except you have challenges of ejaculating during foreplay or you find it difficult in lasting longer than thirty seconds, your sex performance is seen to be medically fine. There is no medical definition that stipulates how long intercourse is supposed to last, as long as your partner is satisfied and happy, you don’t have to worry.
It is sometimes normal for men to have occasional premature ejaculation. If you notice this in your body, you don’t need to worry.
Well, perhaps you discover that more than half attempts you made to have sex result in premature ejaculation, it will be helpful if you consult your doctor for treatment.

Why You should be sure of your stats first

There are a series of treatment options wherein pills are also administered to men who suffer premature ejaculation. It is, however, ideal to consider if there is any sexual challenge before seeking for solution pills.
Several misleading information about sex can make people think they have premature ejaculation even when they do not experience anything close to it. Mainstream media platforms showcase ‘’good sex’’ by faking a lengthy period of penetrative sex. This development gives us limited knowledge of sexual pleasure and believing that men do not last long.

Treatment to consider for Longer action

Though some experts recommend taking Viagra as a pill, it has some limitations in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Viagra may be effective if only you always lose your erection too quickly. This is to say that other trusted solutions exist that can help restore your sexual performance.
If a man discovers he has problems with lasting longer in bed, he should try the following anti-depressant treatments:

The Squeeze Technique – This is where he or his partner squeezes the tip of the penis for about ten seconds, just as he feels near orgasm. Wait till after one minute and then resume sex again.
Avoid position triggers – The man should avoid sexual positions that trigger his sexual appetite until he really feels he want to come.
Conscious of the action – Being present minded and concentration can help boost his sexual urge.

Try Edging – As he gets close to orgasm, he should stop for some seconds and try being sexually aroused again. This method can make him be in control.

Blue Chew treatment – is immensely helpful in treating erectile dysfunction and enhancing sexual performance in men. It’s a new, convenient, affordable, and very effective form of telemedicine administered to patients who suffer erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Working with the above-listed solutions will help any male experience shorter sex duration or ED. In the event, the issue still persists, then consult a medical expert for adequate diagnosis and treatment.

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