Top Shoulder Work Outs Every Man Should Know

shoulder exercises

The basis of a sexy upper body in men is their chest and shoulder muscles. That’s chest and shoulders in regular man’s terms.

Shoulder muscles are very functional when it comes to lifting heavy objects either at home or for work. Though it requires adequate functionality, the shoulders are the shock absorbers.

Delts don’t have hundreds of different exercises to choose from. These ones are the Top shoulder workouts every man should know.

Don’t skip them on your next workout.

Arnold Press

You can’t do shoulder day without the exercise named about the greatest man to ever do it, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The greatest bodybuilder of all time was the man who invented the Arnold Press. It consists of a rotating motion that activates not only the shoulders but the triceps and traps as well.

Though not an isolation exercise, if Arnold does it, then you can trust that it 100% works.

Barbell Press

One of the old-fashioned feats of strength is how much weight on a barbell can a man lift and how high can he lift it.

You’ll also see stereotype weightlifting beginners do only bench press, bicep curls, and the barbell press

It’s also because the barbell press targets a lot of upper body parts such as the shoulders, upper chest, traps, and triceps.

Some consider this workout an overall mass builder because of how many muscles it activates. Just like the deadlift and squats, it helps strengthen the core and increase overall strength.

Dumbbell Press

This one is another thing that is a fixture in shoulder workouts.

The dumbbell press is similar to the barbell press except that each hand can move freely within its specific range in motion. It isolates the shoulder motion better than when using a barbell.

Dumbell presses will also hit your back muscles, for a full overview of great male back exercises click the link!

Doing a seated dumbbell press takes the load off your feet and places it on your shoulders instead.

Front raises

Front raises isolates the front shoulders. Some physique athletes want to squeeze in this workout after intense chest training.

Since front raises target the front delts, the results will immediately show in the mirror while you’re swole. You might want to get that pump before wearing a tank top to impress a girl outdoors.

Also, remember that the front delts are interconnected with the mid and rear so be sure not to skip the others to see better results with your front raises.

Side lateral raise

We just told you not to neglect the mid and the rear. That is why the side lateral raises are just as important of the front.

Be sure to put emphasis on activation and range in motion when you perform side lateral raises. The more they hurt, the more it will look more swole.

It’s the perfect isolation exercise for the mid deltoid. Make the most out of it with less weight and more reps.

Upright rows

This one is a more complex exercise but also great for building shoulder mass. Technique is key here too.

When doing upright rows, be sure to place your elbows higher than your hands. This allows the shoulders to achieve peak contraction.

The upright row also targets the traps secondarily which is why some hit them during shoulder day. It might the only back exercise that can safely be combined with shoulder exercises.

Compound moves like this benefit from heavier fare than the raises, allowing for fewer reps and bigger weights to keep your delts in shock.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell swings are usually done during high-intensity interval training but it still works with a weightlifting program too.

This exercise requires proper form and gradually increasing the weight rather than rapidly. It also practices proper range in motion provided you make a habit out of doing this with proper form.

What is the proper kettlebell swing form? First, your feet should be in line with your shoulders while doing this exercise.

Choose the right kettlebell weight and hold it in front of your shoulder with your palm in and elbow tucked. Let the weight rest on top of your forearm and press it straight up. Rotate your arm so your palm faces forward.

Also, don’t forget to do it for both arms. Just a quick tip: some might have to use different weights on each arm if it’s their first time.

Handstand push-ups

This one is kind of intermediate but every man should take baby steps into doing this exercise into perfection. That means perfect form and regular reps and sets.

Handstand push-ups are not only for the gymnasts. It helps anyone who does it to build strength in your shoulders and upper body.

This exercise simulates that of a shoulder press whether barbell or dumbbell. It involves compound movements that secondarily target the upper chest and traps.

Very effective to build strength in your shoulders and upper body. Since a handstand push-up is a compound movement of a handstand and a push-up which both target the upper body, performing this can obviously strengthen your shoulders and upper body.

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