Top Male Masturbation Secrets and Tips

Top Male Masturbation Secrets and Tips

Masturbation has become a necessary thing to sexually please ourselves, especially during this quarantine period.

There are tips and tricks however that makes the whole experience sweeter and that’s what we are going to talk about a point per point.

By the way, these are the words of the majority and not ours. These are things people often encounter when they choose to deal with sex drive in men themselves.

Still, we would like to share some male masturbation secrets and tips.

Slow down

slow down masturbation

Masturbation can sometimes be like a paycheck. You are just so excited to reward yourself with such when you are stressed. The idea of it is so exciting that you are probably already rushing it too much.

You have to slow down when it suddenly feels like a chore. It’s not worth wasting precious hours searching for good material just because you feel the need to fap.

Allow yourself to feel each and every sensation. Besides, thinking pornographic thoughts too much can cause dissatisfaction or lack of interest once you do actual sex in the bedroom.

You need to slow it down and take things back a notch. Hold your faps like you do when you have a girlfriend you have sex with every time you meet.

Prolong yourself for masturbation

If you ever had sex before, you probably are familiar with this.

You’re simply stopping and starting to prolong the pleasure. One pop can take a lot out of you which is why you need to make the most out of it.

This also applies when it comes to masturbation. Treat it as if it’s actual intercourse rather than just a dirty thought. It’s going to be your practice especially when you are having actual sex.

Just think of the person you’re jerking off to as your sex partner who keeps on telling you “don’t stop.” You usually pull out and switch to pleasuring her differently.

If you want another analogy for this, just imagine yourself running a marathon. You pace yourself on when to explode with speed and when to slow down a bit.

Do this with masturbation too. Whenever you feel that your load is going to blow, dial it down a little.

Insert your testicles into play

playing with testicles

It’s not only about jerking. You should also include your testicles into play.

Not only do you rest your penis from time to time, you also have another kind of sensation to pleasure yourself with.

Ironically, the testicles are the most neglected part of all this. Your balls are where the semen gets manufactured so you might want to visit the factory in between those jerks.

You can play with them by simply fondling them or rubbing them. Just don’t crush them unless you want the most uncomfortable feeling known to man.

Do you want to get this point even more? Try asking your partner to lick them when you are having sex and you’ll realize how pleasurable it is to touch those daddy bags too.

The light that doesn’t flash


Toys are an underrated part of masturbation. It’s easy to ignore male sex toys when you can easily do it with your hand. Don’t you just get tired of that?

That’s the reason blow-up dolls and latex holes were made. There’s also a flashlight that you didn’t think was possible… The Fleshlight.

The fleshlight is like a latex vagina and a flashlight combined. It’s easy to carry as disguise anywhere. Just don’t let them open it up.

How does it help your masturbation? Obviously the fact that it is closer to an actual vagina than your hand.

Lube is your best friend

using lube

If your hands get rope burn, your penis can get hand burned.

What does this mean? It’s the friction that your hand produces when it consistently rubs your penis. The next pops won’t be a comfortable experience if you persist on jerking without lube.

A lot of men already know this which is why they have a bottle of lube all prepped up in their bedroom drawer. Some even use plain lotion.

The important thing is it provides a slippery sensation that not only simulates an actual vagina but also helps lubricate the skin and avoid a ropeburn-like feeling.

Want to go all-natural? Why not try aloe vera gel? It acts as a natural moisturizer and is indeed good for the skin.

The other way around

Masturbation is oftentimes your hand working as if it were the top or having toys into play. Why not do it the other way around?

Instead of sitting or lying down and tiring your hand to a fixed motion, why not give your hand a rest and let your body do the action?

Try keeping your hand steady and let your pelvis pump your penis into your hand. Better if you have a latex vagina or a fleshlight. All you need is prop it up a wall.

Plus, it’s good cardio in a way.

Masturbate with your non-dominant hand

We already told you about prolonging the pleasure. Want to last longer? Switch to your non-dominant hand.

Your brain is used to your dominant hand doing the work. It’s also probably why the strength on each of your arms isn’t even. Exercise your non-dominant hand too.

You can also alternate whenever you feel like it’s going to blow. It’s going to buy you some time especially when the timing is not right.

Tickle your foreskin before or during masturbation


Back when you were a kid, you probably found pleasure in playing with your uncut foreskin until your penis stood up. It’s really weird how it stands even without sexual thoughts though.

Now that you are old enough to have sexual thoughts, all the more you should play with your foreskin every now and then. Either you do it to prep yourself for an erection or mix it up during erection.

The important thing is you give it the same love.

Masturbation shouldn’t be a quickie

Fap addicts always make this mistake. They become too dependent on masturbation so much that they would do a quickie just because they feel the need to.

Treat it like actual sex. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. That means you have to feel an actual moment to masturbate. Feeling the pressure of having to pop it as soon as possible takes away all the enjoyment.

You have to realize that even public sex takes time for warming up.

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