Top Back Exercises Every Man Should Know

lat pulldown for wider back

We tend to only focus on the muscles we see on the mirror so much that we almost forget how important the back is.

Back muscles support the most important part of your mobility which is your spinal column. Neglecting back day might hamper the back’s ability to hold the rest of your body.

Besides, it’s the back that is responsible for the sexy v-tapered figure so you might want to consider hitting it more.

Why you shouldn’t skip back day

Those who have been working out know by now have probably seen better results after targeting the back. Those mirror muscles suddenly get a little bit more symmetry when swole.

You should be working out your back just as hard as your front, and dedicating just as much time and effort to the things you can’t always see.

Your upper and lower back are keys to better posture and explosive strength. You may not notice it but the back muscles boost your strength for other lifts such as the bench press, squats, and shoulder exercises.

So if you want to transform your body and get that V-tapered torso, here are some of the top back exercises every man should know.

Pullups and Chin Ups

This one is the hardest to do among all basic bodyweight exercises but it’s probably the most important.

The growth of your v-shaped torso relies on how much pullups and chin-ups your body was doing before puberty. That’s why gymnasts and swimmers have nice lats.

It isn’t too late though since a real man must be able to squeeze workouts between busy schedules. That means switching to calisthenics since it can be done anytime and anywhere.

All you need are some playground bars at the park or your own door gym which has a pullup bar you can mount on top of your door.

There are two main kinds of pullups: the regular pullups and the supinated grip pullups

All you need is to simply grab the bar and make sure your grip is slightly wider than your shoulder width. Then pull yourself up while keeping your lats activated during the repetitions.

The chin up is basically like the pullup except that the chin up uses a supinated grip on shoulder width. Then, repeat the same motion as with the pullup.

Lat Pulldown for wider back

Brutal strong bodybuilder athletic man pumping up muscles workout bodybuilding concept background – muscular bodybuilder handsome men doing exercises in gym naked torso

This one is probably the most basic back workout in the gym.

The lat pulldown has a similar effect to the pullups and chin ups except, you are seated on a bench while pulling down the bar attached to a cable.

You’ll see bodybuilder make it a point to always include the lat pulldown in their workouts. That’s because of how much it helps increase muscle.

To execute a perfect lat pulldown, you must use a lat pulldown machine. Grab the bar the same way you do with the pull ups and chin ups. Then, pull the bar all the way to uour chest without moving your torso.

Three to four sets of  8-12 reps will usually do. This one is usually done as the first exercise during back day.

Seated Cable Rows

This traditional upper-back exercise is also like the cardio in back day. Once you keep the right muscles engaged, you’ll surely be able to maximize this workout.

You must keep the activation on your scapular retractors get the most out of this workout. Adding a slight pause per repetition can also help increase your gains.

If the other exercises are meant to support the spine, this exercise is meant to build more stable shoulders. It also helps build support for bench press and arm curls.

You can do this exercise through a row machine or by simply attaching a straight bar to a cable station. Make sure your feet are flat on a brace before grabbing the bar with an overhand grip at shoulder width.

Then, pull the bar to your midsection. You can do it with high intensity intervals at low weights for cardio or with pauses on more weights for maximum gains.

Make sure that your torso remains straight. Don’t lean forward and backward while doing each repetition.

Deadlift for lower back

Deadlift for lower back

The deadlift is either a weightlifter’s most favorite or least favorite. Regardless, every man should know how to do a proper deadlift.

Most men struggle with form because ego gets the best of them. You must start with a lighter weight to execute this exercise properly. Besides, we aren’t all powerlifters who only need one proper rep on an extremely heavy weight.

You will feel the activation on yourtraps, rear delts, lats, and torso but the main target of this exercise is the lower back down to your hamstring and glutes. Failure to properly engage these muscles may result in injury.

First, you’ll have to wear a weightlifting belt if you are having back problems. Then, load the barbell with the right amount of weight. Don’t make it too heavy unless you’re a professional powerlifter.

Bend at your hips and knees with your back arched and grab the bar with an overhand and underhand grip alternating. Pull up your torso and thrust your hips forward as you stand up while lifting the barbell.

Also remember not to drop the barbell at all times. Slowly lower it down instead on your last rep.

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