10 Self-Acceptance Hacks You Can Do to Crush Insecurity


Owning your insecurities is key to self-acceptance. Doing it is easier said than done though. It’s a step-by-step process.

It matters more when you’re facing a stranger you’re falling head over heels for. All of a sudden, all the things you know about love suddenly become a shadow of doubt in the face of what feels to be adversity.

The feeling is superficial though since it isn’t real adversity. You are your own enemy as your insecurities might be getting the best of you.

It isn’t hard to be comfortable in your own skin. You just need some life hacks and a bit of a cold-blooded mindset.

The road to self-acceptance is going to be easier if you do these 12 hacks to crush your insecurities.

Be more of a spiritual person

spiritually mature person

Karma is such a playful word. Almost all people intentionally do bad things because they can always use the words “move on.” But there’s also a saying that when you’re in doubt, don’t do it.

As much as karma is almost non-existent, being a spiritual person helps because it allows the right people to accept you and make you feel good about yourself.

Think of it more as the law of attraction. Whatever you invite, you shall receive. That means if you invite good vibes, it’s what will come to you as well.

A person with much inner peace sees what not to attract in the outer world. Nothing can surprise you anymore.

That means if you have accepted these things, nothing else can move you.

Mindful movement

mindful movement

Speaking of being spiritual, you can take something out of the monks too. Their practice of mindful movement helps them live a good life.

Proper breathing can already release bad air out of your system. Doing it in sync with your mind is an art you ought to master.

You don’t need all those complex yoga poses that make you look like a pretzel. All you need is a quiet space or a serene outdoor ambience.

Spending at least 20-30 minutes a day in meditation helps relieve anxiety as well as prepares you for life’s daily battle.

You are the key

you are enough

Self-acceptance is knowing that you are enough. It helps having that mindset especially when you are having feelings of doubt in handling a certain responsibility.

Think of yourself as the catch. Without you, the world won’t be able to function well. Finding and knowing yourself helps you flip the script on your life.

Talking about it is key to self-acceptance

talking about it in support groups

All self-help meetings start with admitting that your imperfections. The purpose of these meetings is for one to have an outlet where they can talk about their insecurities without being judged.

The same goes for self-acceptance. You just need to find the right channels that will lead you to the people who you can connect and exchange feedbacks with.

Successful people hang out with one another to converge ideas and expand their ventures. The same concept should apply for your own insecurities.

Finding a like mind to converge with is like fighting a battle with someone and it all starts with talking about it.

If you are an introvert, then you might want to talk to a professional about it instead.

Forgiveness equates to self-acceptance

asking for forgiveness

Forgiving someone for their mistakes is like admitting that you aren’t perfect too. It also makes it easier for someone to accept a forgiving person and that includes yourself.

Apology is a form of humility and being humble is another way of saying that you accept your limitations. That alone already trains your mind to accept yourself.

That also means being patient and give someone a chance to learn.

Boast a little


Ironically, the ultimate form of self-acceptance is boasting. As long as it’s a subtle one that exhibits confidence.

When you are confident in yourself, it leaves little room to doubt yourself. If you turn out wrong? Get back up and go back to the drawing board.

Besides, being boastful makes you criticize yourself more because you don’t want others to see flaw as much as possible.

Just don’t go as far as overpowering or downplaying someone else’s feats. A short dab of your milestone is enough.

Be grateful

showing gratitude

How does practicing gratitude help with self-acceptance? Simple. Just think that you wouldn’t have achieved a certain milestone if it wasn’t for someone who aided it.

One trait that makes employees love their bosses is when their boss shows gratitude. He accepts that his limitations is someone else’s strength and he wouldn’t have operated the way he did if it wasn’t for the collaborative effort.

What’s the point here? The good bosses accept that they do the least-tiring tasks so they give back as a way of rewarding their subordinates for being physically stronger.

Always think you deserve more

girl deserves more

Some go overboard with this too. Even in that case, they are so confident and accepting of themselves that they think so highly of themselves.

Why do the cute girls fall for the broke bums? It’s because the bums always demand more than they deserve. Not the best example but do you see the point here?

Thinking you deserve more attracts the better opportunities that the insecure man is afraid of grabbing. You’ll soon realize how self-acceptance helps you score life’s greener pastures.

Just trust the process on this one.

Be realistic

be realistic

This one works hand-in-hand with thinking you deserve more. You need to control how much pressure you put on yourself.

Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself can lead to delusion instead of self-acceptance. Know what you are currently capable of first before biting off more.

Again, you really need to trust the process.

Custom your life mods

custom style

Think of yourself as a video game character. You don’t build it’s avatar according to what others think is nice. You’d rather build them the way you deem cool.

The same should be done in your road to self-acceptance. Customize yourself and be confident about it. Of course you have to be cautious too.

You may have the freedom to design your life but make sure it isn’t an awkward fit. Don’t equip a strength-type character with mana items.

Mostly gamers will get this analogy but you should get the whole idea here. Just make sure you avoid common style blunders.

Don’t mind outside opinion

ignore opinions on social media

There’s a difference between outside opinion and asking for feedback. The latter is more applicable since it’s merely constructive criticism.

Do things for yourself and not others. Aim to impress your target people instead of a general mass. Most importantly, impress yourself.

As long as you aren’t stepping on someone or doing something illegal or immoral, all outside opinions are invalid.

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