ProFollica: The Complete Hair Loss Treatment System for Men


Hair loss problems? 

Don’t fret because you’re not the only one suffering from this condition. As a matter of fact, more than 50 million American men are experiencing hair loss as early as in their teens. 

The risk of Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness depends on your family history and may increase as you age. A lot of people (even women) are affected by this hair loss problem and may need to be treated seriously. 

Fortunately, hair growth treatments like ProFollica have made its way to the market. 

What is ProFollica?


ProFollica is a hair loss treatment product created by Leading Edge Health which is a renowned company that manufactures effective products. The maker of this treatment claims that their products cause no adverse effects and are made from safe ingredients

One thing you may need to know about ProFollica is its three-step hair loss system that can help you combat hair loss. 

The first one is the ProFollica Natural Supplement. It provides your body with the required minerals and vitamins for releasing essential nutrients. Also, it contains herbal extracts that can promote and nourish healthy-looking hair. 

You can take this supplement before or after the application of both shampoo and gel. 

The second one is the ProFollica Shampoo which cleans your hair and removes naturally-produced sebum. Those natural oils may contain DHT responsible for your receding hairline and thinning hair. 

Men who have higher testosterone levels than normal are most likely to have plenty of DHT. That’s why more guys suffer from baldness compared to women. 

The third one is ProFollica Gel. Since your hair may be stripped off of its natural sebum, it can lead to dry hair. That said, this gel can replace the lost DHT-filled sebum and can give your scalp and hair the moisture they need

Although the gel is artificial, it’s made from all-natural ingredients which means your hair is getting the necessary nutrients and moisture from natural sources like plants. So it’s not that bad, right? 

What are the benefits of ProFollica?

Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you start using this anti-hair loss product:

  • Revitalizes and repairs hair
  • Combats hair greying
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Enhances hair quality, texture, and strength
  • Improves hair follicle and scalp health
  • Fights free radical damage

How does ProFollica work?


This anti-hair loss solution primarily focuses on preventing the overproduction of DHT by using DHT-suppressing ingredients to combat hair fall. And when your DHT levels decrease, you can possibly slow down the signs of hair loss. 

As a result, you can awaken the dormant hair follicles in your scalp. 

Moreover, both the gel and the supplement contains 45 active ingredients that help in promoting shinier, thicker, and stronger hair

What can you find in ProFollica?

Here are some major ingredients that ProFollica products contain: 

Vitamin B12 or Cyanocobalamin

It is responsible for the formation of red blood cells to oxygenate your hair follicle cells. 

Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid

It keeps your hair healthy and nourishes the hair follicles. Also, it controls natural sebum production. 


This is also known as Vitamin B3. It can improve blood circulation to ensure that nutrients and oxygen reach your hair cells. It also strengthens your hair to prevent breakage

What are the side effects in using ProFollica?


Every individual is unique which means each person can experience different reactions from using a similar product. It can be effective to one but may have little to no effect on another. 

Although the company behind ProFollica claims that it doesn’t have any side effects, it’s still possible that you may get a reaction from one of its active ingredients.

As a general rule of thumb in using any products, once you experience any symptoms that only appeared after the use of ProFollica, stop using it and consult a health professional right away.

Aside from potential allergic reactions, ProFollica is relatively safer compared to other male baldness medication such as Propecia. The latter is known to affect its users sexually as a side effect. 

Pros and Cons of ProFollica


  • Made from natural active ingredients
  • Safe and requires no doctor prescription 
  • Addresses DHT production issues 
  • Keeps dormant hair healthy
  • Promotes hair growth through stimulation
  • Provides proper nutrients for hair regrowth


  • Does not produce immediate results
  • Moderately expensive
  • May not work on a particular degree of severity
  • Exclusively for men 

Summing it up

Overall, ProFollica is a great product for those people who are experiencing hair loss due to the overproduction of DHT. 

So what are you waiting for? Combat Male Pattern Baldness with ProFollica Hair Loss Treatment System now! 

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