Phoenix: Canada’s First Telehealth Platform

Men-related health issues are either often neglected or simply put aside until it worsens. Studies showed that 52% of Canadian men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Then, there’s the issue of being machismo where admitting they have ED is such a stigma.

Good thing these things are treatable. In fact, there are already alternative options in Canada for such secrecy. You don’t even have to leave your home for it. is bringing in a modernized platform for men suffering from deteriorating functions. They offer something that’s cheaper and safer.

It’s time we talk about this new-age innovation to help men solve their most humiliating health problems.

Rise again with is Canada’s first ever telehealth platform for men suffering from sexual deterioration.

Its concept is like other online health platforms where patients are connected with doctors and pharmacies.

The system is like a digital clinic where doctor’s consultations are done online and the prescribed drugs are immediately shipped to you upon checkout.

Phoenix offers treatment solutions for manly deteriorations such as Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Premature Ejaculation, and Genital Herpes.

What makes special?

There’s too much that goes inside the mind of a man with the aforementioned problems. There’s the humiliation of waiting in clinic lines with other men suffering from the same and your local pharmacist chipping in on the info too.

The first thing Phoenix does is cut such awkwardness to make men feel more secure about their condition being something that’s treatable. Then, it treats the actual problem.

Phoenix also makes everything hassle-free since all you need to do is log onto their system, schedule an online consultation, and have the medication discreetly delivered straight to your doorstep.

The best part is you can cancel it anytime if you aren’t satisfied or just don’t need it anymore.

What is the process?

First, you will have to fill out a form in order for Phoenix to assess your current situation. It comprises a brief background and medical history. You will need to present a copy of Government Issued ID for authentication purposes.

Once the initial screening is done, Phoenix will assign a licensed physician from its pool to evaluate you based on the information you indicated. After that, you will be asked follow-up questions and give you feedback based on your answers.

Once the doctor prescribes you with your medication, you will have to enter your credit card details on your Phoenix account upon checkout.

What drugs are available?

Phoenix currently serves ED patients, who are given two choices of drugs depending on their lifestyle. The doctors prescribe either Sildenafil or Tadalafil. Both drugs are active ingredients in making the popular ED pill Viagra.

If you need a quick fix, doctors will recommend you to take Sildenafil. Its effects last for four hours. The quick-acting drug needs to be taken 30 minutes before having sex.

For those who need something slow and sure, then Tadalafil is the best choice. It has a delayed two-hour effect but it can keep a man erect for up to 36 hours.

Of course, there are disclaimers for each drug so it’s best to ask your physician the best option for your usual lifestyle.

Is it expensive?

Surprisingly, such a convenient solution wouldn’t break your wallet. Although you will spend pretty much the same ballpark when it comes to consultation, the $40 you’ll spend is worth the time and trouble saved.

As for the prescription drugs, it isn’t that bad either at $54 a month for Sildenafil and $71 a month for Tadalafil. Plans still vary according to how long you plan to take them

Does Phoenix ship outside Canada?

Unfortunately, Phoenix only offers its service in Canada. Even that is limited since they are only able to cater to the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

How fast is shipping?

Expect your prescription to arrive around a maximum of 48 hours upon checkout. Unless there are unforeseen events, you will get your medications within that timeframe.

Products ships out from Phoenix’s pharmacy partner Alliance Pharmacy Group Inc. Deliveries are handled by Canada’s regular mail.

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good

The best part about Phoenix is that it acts like a normal brick and mortar clinic. All medical records are kept private and protected under the Personal Health Information Protection Act of Canada.

Another advantage of such telehealth platform is that doctors can be available anytime to answer your queries. A customer support team is also on-duty 24/7.

The Bad

With convenience comes its downsides as well. First, is the lack of a physical visit. Treatment plans become scripted according to general information rather than a meticulous one in the event of special cases.

Then, there is also the limited option when it comes to drugs. As effective as both Sildenafil and Tadalafil are, it might not be suitable if you are experiencing certain conditions.

The Ugly

There isn’t anything highly alarming about the entire platform. The worst that could happen is that your package gets lost in transit since it’s packaging is unmarked and unlabeled.

Check out some customers feedbacks:

“Extremely happy with Phoenix. I had been treated once before, but this was much more convenient.” –  Paul, Scarborough, ON.

“Great service and the app was very easy navigate.” – Rich, Brampton, ON

“Wish I had taken the step to get treated earlier.” – Williams, Vancouver, BC

The Bottom Line on

Having a telehealth platform like Phoenix is indeed more convenient than ever. Being the first in Canada is also good news since it has started a path of innovation towards growth of the country’s healthcare system.

Although you will have to spend on such convenience and privacy, it’s a price that most men are willing to take rather than sacrifice their machismo.

Good thing Phoenix has also dedicated time to providing after-sales in order for patients to gain more confidence in the system. The feedbacks are mostly positive and high too which is a good sign.

Too bad Phoenix only has treatment solutions for erectile dysfunction at the moment but expect the other conditions to have its own solutions in the upcoming months.

For now, we could at least thank for being the pioneer in Canada for such platform.

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