Nugenix: How Effective is This Testosterone Enhancing Nutritional Supplement

Nugenix review

Nugenix is a testosterone booster that aids in performance, sex drive, and vitality, as stated by its manufacturing company, Direct Digital LLC. This supplement naturally increases the levels of free testosterone in your bloodstream.

This nutritional formula claims to be such a revolutionary supplement that it has now become #1 selling product for men’s vitality. Its idea lies up to supplementing your natural dietary plan and give you a boost of free-form testosterone that is bioactive and readily available for male performance enhancement. A positive remark for this brand is that they promote their use of natural ingredients with no harmful side effects.

Who Should Take Nugenix?

Most men over the age of 30 begin to feel less energetic, enthusiastic, and quickly get tired from minimal physical strain. Such lack of energy also results in reduced libido, low muscle mass, and increase fatty tissues in the body. Overwhelming the mental and physical conditions of these men will invariably reduce if they don’t induce nutritional supplements to increase absorption, metabolism, and muscle gain.


Physicians recommend that men over the age of 30 should eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and sleep adequately. However, most men are unable to follow a healthy regimen and suffer from a physical meltdown. These attributes are related to steadily decreasing free testosterone levels in their bodies. Nugenix promises to supplement this need by providing Free Testosterone Complex consist of natural extracts.

The Magic Potion

The most essential and natural active ingredient in this supplement capsule is Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex, which contains herbal extracts found in Fenugreek plant and Tribulus fruit. These natural extracts are allegedly known to increase sexual desire, arousal, performance, and satisfaction.

The first physical change that these herbs bring about is increasing the free testosterone levels in the blood. L-Citrulline Malate, also found in this complex, is claimed to relax the blood vessels and facilitate in a firmer erection.

Besides, the capsules are also packed with other necessary vitamins and minerals, which are essential for nutrient absorption. Zinc helps in cell repair and reduces signs of aging. Studies have also shown improved sperm quality and enhanced male fertility with the use of zinc.

The capsules also contain essential vitamins such as Vitamin B6 and B12, which are known to provide a metabolic boost and promote digestion, which in turn improves the energy level and performance. A superior combination of these supplements may leave you feeling stronger, energetic with enhanced libido.

A Dosage That Works Wonders

Nugenix’s manufacturer recommends having three capsules on an empty stomach every day to experience maximum benefits and regularly restore free testosterone levels in the body. The manufacturers also highlight that their drug is free from any stimulants, hazardous filler, or medicines that may cause side effects. Several customers have mentioned that in the first month, the effects of the supplement are not as prominent. After a few months, the results tend to become naturally positive without any immediate transition.

Nugenix review

Hence, the manufacturer recommends the constant use of this supplement, and they widely promote their auto-ship program. However, the results differ from person to person owing to several factors such as age, health, genes, and lifestyle. It is also difficult to say whether this supplement can cure erectile dysfunction, as it does not incorporate any drugs for added bioactivity.

Refund Policy & Pricing

If you purchase Nugenix through the manufacturer’s website, the company offers an option of a one-time order of 90 capsules at $69.99 with $4.99 for shipping and handling. They also proved a 14-day trial period priced at $4.99. Should you decide to keep the bottle beyond this period, then your card is charged $69.99, and you will have opted-in for an auto-ship program.  

Nugenix has a 30-day refund policy. Their refund policy helps customers get a refund if they are dissatisfied with the product. You can refund the bottle even if it is empty, but your package must be postmarked within 30 days from the date of purchase.

This supplement is also available in third-party stores such as Lucky Vitamin, drugstore, The Vitamin Shoppe, and GNC. If you are looking for a product that has near to no side effects and works, then Nugenix presents itself as a competitive option.

The Bottom Line

 The feedback provided by most customers for Nugenix is generally favorable. Additionally, the popularity of this product is vast, and it holds the 2013 Innovation award by the GNC website. Direct Digital LLC is a reliable company with overall positive testimonials. If you are looking for a personalized assessment, you can contact your doctor. However, Nugenix works for everyone and is free from side effects.