Top 7 Introvert Dating Tips You Can Take to Dates

introvert dating tips

One question that an introvert struggles with is “how do I date a girl?” Introvert dating is hard when you barely socialize at all.

Introvert dating isn’t as hard as it sounds. People just have the misconception that being an introvert and being shy are exactly the same. In fact, there are actually introverts who actually have excellent social skills. It’s just not their cup of tea.

Most guys have used it as an excuse, not to date at all. They’d rather wait for the girl to approach. The problem is that it does not happen very often.

Good thing we are here to show you how you can break that bubble and score more dates.

Introverts are lowkey confident people

introvert confidence

Introverts surprisingly own the room at times. They are the life of a group even when they don’t really want to be social a lot. It’s the main difference between introverted and shy.

Probably, it’s because you’re too ashamed to be embarrassed or you just don’t want to think of a good rebound.

You can start getting out of the bubble by immunizing yourself to what others might think of you. Don’t try hard to gain their acceptance. If they don’t accept you, it’s always on them for not being able to keep up with your high pace. Don’t blame yourself for their incompetence.

This is actually the secret of introverts. They know that they excel in being alone that they don’t need anyone else to validate their efforts.

Go out there more often

introvert guy out there

Now that you are aware that being an introvert is very different from being shy. You’ll realize this as you go out more often.

Some are actually good conversationalists and people love being around them. It just so happens that they prefer the solace of solitary confinement.

Shy people are so conscious about public opinion that it hampers their real abilities. They fear getting rejected because the immunity isn’t there. The only solution is to go out there.

You can actually be an introvert but still manage to create good connections outside. Your introversion isn’t the reason you aren’t creating good interactions with women.  It’s your lack of conviction when your shy.

That’s why it’s good to find something to connect on. How can you do that though?

Introvert dating thrives on good connections

introvert dating connection

One major thing that makes introvert dating a success is a good connection. The initial process of creating one is a struggle but once you’re in, the flow follows.

These good connections are also what bridge conversations from one topic to another until your girl is completely hooked. Shy people can’t do this because they are so conscious about possible eloquence instead of just going with the flow.

In reality, introverts happen to be very attractive to women because they have this mysterious factor to them. Introvert men can also naturally pass the pressure of introduction to women.

And good conversations too!

dating conversations

Introverts are the same if not better than extroverts when it comes to conversations. The only difference is that the latter prefers being around groups of people.

Both still have the same level of social skill as both can display good energy whilst channeling their unique set of gifts. Everything lies in good conversations.

Introvert dating will rely a lot on these conversations. Creating a positive connection through active listening is one way to keep the conversations flowing.

Being shy won’t do you any favors because girls sense insecurity. If someone introduces you in a group and you curl up like a ball, they will perceive you as a weirdo. You can blame human nature for that.

Finding common grounds

introvert dating common grounds

Introverts have mastered creating deep connections when dating. They use active listening to pick out points out of conversations to bridge it to other topics.

Exhibiting confidence allows you to pull this off successfully since she’s going to do the same to you and you can reciprocate. Females orgasm in their minds when they find common grounds with their date. Otherwise, they’ll consider it a bummer.

Common grounds also break the barrier of shyness. It unveils the confidence you have for being highly interested in a certain topic or interest. It makes you look sexy when you connect on something.

Just make sure you follow it up the right way.

Establish being the alpha

alpha male introvert dating

Another thing you should be particular about is being active at all costs. Never rely on a girl to ask what to do next because chances are, they want you to initiate.

That means booking the restaurant, planning the activities, and making sure you deliver on your promise. Otherwise, you’ll be seen as a lower-value man who can’t deliver.

As much as girls want to be pleased, they also want to be surprised by what you can do. Don’t ask them about what you’ll do next. You have to establish being the alpha/

Actually, introverted men are good at making date plans. They always seek solace that they know how to find ways wherein they can create moments that is all about you two. It’s also what makes them good lovers.

Girls secretly crave being deep and mysterious. Shallow and short is for flirting and not for dating. They need to see that you know what you want in life.

Only the beta males are undecided. Alpha males are firm with their words and actions.

Acceptance is key in introvert dating

introvert acceptance

The most important thing you have to do is accept yourself. You must learn to do that so others will do the same to you. It also allows you to determine your weak points and work around it.

Most of the time, shy guys can’t accept that they can do better so they just sulk instead of socializing. Even the PUA movement teaches you to work around these and learn to accept yourself first.

Mind you, even the world’s most notorious players are more introverted than you think. That’s why they use terms such as “isolation” and “close.”

Pick-up artists just want to play it cool but in reality, their success rates have the lowest percentage of any statistic. They just happen to mask it with confidence and social skills.

Being introverted isn’t an excuse. Being shy is. The real introverts can be in control of the situation still.

Maybe a testosterone boost will do?

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