How to Last Longer in Bed

last long in bed

It’s really frustrating when your partner can’t last long in bed. Can you though?

Premature ejaculation is one of the most frustrating things about sex. Aside from the fact that it kills the mood, fun nights can turn into disappointment real quick.

If you want to show endurance during those woohoo situations, you might want to read these tips on how to last longer in bed.

Preconditioning to last long

preconditioning masturbation

The most common technique men use to last longer in bed is blow the first one or two shots. They way, they don’t get turned on easily because their organ is reloading.

It will also show how good of a sexual partner the other side is since a good performer is certainly irresistible no matter how dry you might be.

The goal is to last long in bed though so unloading a little will you some more time.

Slow and subtle

last long in bed

You might be pounding too hard. Though she may want you to do so and not stop, you might want to dial it down to slow and subtle.

It ain’t a quickie. Your goal is to last longer. That said, you shouldn’t act like a horny jackrabbit eager to pop your load on your partner.

Try to enjoy the process of your penis sliding through the long hole. Feel the sensation as it slides through back and forth.

The downside is this can be a make or break as well. The sensation of slow and subtlety might get you so much in the flow that you blow it all up right away.

It’s still better and more effective than barbaric banging though.

Mix things up to last long in bed

There’s a reason the words “Kama Sutra” is such a revered book.

Yes, being a one-trick pony on the missionary can get old. Although it’s a sure thing to last you longer once it gets boring, this depletes the purpose of having sex in the first place.

How about experimenting with new positions? Choose the more tiring and tricky ones. Finding yourself in unfamiliar sex positions can help you last longer.

The explanation for that is you that you are likely going to be distracted with how to do it right that it will take time before you can actually pull it off.

Take a pause

It’s not like you can’t feel it. The only reason you finish early is because it’s too late when you realize.

Take a pause once you feel you orgasm is getting too heated to handle. Stop, squeeze, and hold it in until it’s indeed time to pop. Just up the tempo again when she gets to that “don’t stop” moment.

Squeezing your thing can help you last longer as it pushes the blood out of your penis, decreasing sexual tension momentarily.

Learn how to take a pause. Consider sex a marathon and not a sprint. Just save the quick pops for what it is.. a quickie.

Otherwise, learn to pause.

Speaking of “protection”

sex protection

How many times have we heard that condom is protection? Obviously a lot.

Not only can it protect you from premature fatherhood, it can also save you from your premature ejaculation. Condoms are your cover.

These balloon-like pieces of rubber are your best friend whenever you want to last longer in bed. Call it the ultimate savior whenever you’re having sex.

This one might be the easiest trick since you’re probably going to use one anyway. Unless you and your partner aren’t afraid of the consequences.

Regardless, condoms can act like a desensitizer which diffuses the stimulation, especially with the extra-thick rubber ones.

The number the feeling, the slower the effect. You can simply remove the thick condom once you think you and your partner are nearing the climax.

Last long in bed with ED Pills

How does treatment for erectile dysfunction help you last longer in bed? Well, it’s because your penis not erecting doesn’t mean you don’t last long. If fact you aren’t lasting at all.

As much as ED pills help with your erection, it also helps with actually making sure there’s enough blood flow and feeling to make you last. Otherwise, everything is useless.

Also, the fact that you are taking ED medication means you’re having a hard time keeping it up already. Once you take enough to help you keep it up, the actual finish takes longer to happen too.

That’s why ED pills actually help rather than do harm to your chances. You might want to take the Bluechew chewable tablets since it’s easy to divide the dosage.

Don’t be predictable

bored sex in bed

No matter how much of a “sexpert” you think you are, you can always use some pro tips.

You may have tried and tested everything in the book that your performances get too textbook generic. Your partner might not stand it which causes a different type of short-lived sex.

Predictability is the last thing you want because if your partner doesn’t get turned on to something she’s seen hundreds of times, the entire session will be cut short.

Learn some new things, some new moves you can use on her. The more extensive your knowledge, the longer these nights would last.

Listen to some wisdom about lasting long in bed

Even though you know a lot and can do a lot, you can still learn some new things from a different perspective. Call it sex wisdom.

There are some pretty challenging tips and tricks experienced men have and share in forums and blogs. You can also get a few pointers from your friends ala American Pie. There’s a reason one of its spinoffs is named “The Book of Love.”

Wisdom can also come from a urologist who can treat your problems or give you advice on how to use your thing. When we say using your thing, that means premature ejaculation or cumming as well.

There’s no other person who can know the male genitalia better than someone who went to school just to study all about it.

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