How To Be a Fuckboy in 5 Easy Steps


A fuckboy is somebody who is casual dating multiple women. They do it for the hookups basically.

Let’s be real. The only chance a nice guy is going to score more hookups than their bad boyfriends is if they totally transform into a fuckboy.

Fuckboys have a ton of sex appeal and levity. They can walk in the room and their attitude to bring a lightness to the most awkward situations.

If you’re a nice guy, however, it can be really tough to handle this predicament. You’re too nice but all the disrespectful bad guys are the ones the girls fall so madly in love with.

The only solution is to transform yourself into a fuckboy and do these five tips to make sure you increase your success rate with women.

Fuckboy tip# 1: Hit the open market frequently

fuckboy open market

The first thing you’ll need to understand is that fuckboys date multiple women to buffer them away from the neediness of sticking to one.

Being a fuckboy is reserved for those who aren’t keen on commitment. You can opt-in or out anytime you want but the important thing is that you hit the open market

Basically, you need to have the same goal as the woman you are dating. If she’s looking for a hookup too, she’s going to reciprocate all your advances. The important thing is you make her know that you are ready to dump her for the next.

It minimizes all the drama and brings you to what you both really want which is the sex part.

Fuckboy tip# 2: Cut through the intros

fuckboy cut through the intros

Be honest with your intentions. Cut to all the intros and tell her what you’re really after which is just pure flirting.

Not telling a woman on the first date will either set wrong expectations or will cause you to fall hard. Let her know if you don’t want anything serious right away.

Chances are, you are both taken and just looking to cheat. Though not something to be condoned, the point is cutting through the intros. The last thing you want is to lead a woman through a false path.

It’s also one of the secrets why fuckboys are so irresistible. Women get their sexual needs and can easily bail out before feelings start to emerge.

Being honest through your dirty intentions is the most angelic thing in the eyes of women compared to a nice guy who sends false hope through silence. It’s just something about dating girls that we need to accept.

So, as long as you are satisfying her taste for flirtation and not misleading her or being dishonest, just demand whatever you want without any intros necessary.

Fuckboy tip# 3: Show them what you’re after

fuckboy show what you're after

After cutting through the intros, show them what you’re after. You’re just after sex and stat-padding your number. There’s nothing else more.

Girls don’t respect themselves and that is human nature. They’d rather fall hard for someone who sends subtle insults their way rather than the nice guy who puts them on the pedestal.

That’s another harsh truth that you will have to deal with. In order to avoid being the loyal clingy guy, show them that you just want sex instead.

You date women to sleep with them or probably be that immediate booty call. This is the mindset that nice guys should have. Don’t expect these girls to want anything more than sex.

Of course, it doesn’t work this way all the time but we’re talking about being a fuckboy here.

Mind you, the good girls see through the fuckboy BS. If she reciprocates your fuckboy advances, that means she just wants sex as well.

Fuckboy tip# 4: Don’t communicate much

fuckboy don't communicate

Here’s another mistake that most nice guys make all the time. They tend to be clingy which isn’t a good sign in the dating world.

Yes, 100%, being clingy shows extreme loyalty to a woman. The problem is that it isn’t written in the book of girl codes. If you are clingy, you are automatically creepy in their eyes.

If girls want to be disrespected, let it be that way. Don’t communicate with them too much unless you are asking them out.

That’s also why it’s important to hit the open market frequently. The more women you are hooking up with, the lesser you will feel the need to text a woman.

The best times to communicate with a woman is when you spontaneously ask her out through text. It has to be on the spot and out of the blue.

If she takes the bait, then proceed but if not, move on to the next candidate.

Fuckboy tip# 5: Repeat process


This isn’t about trying to keep the girl you love. This one is about dating around the open market and hooking up with as many women as possible.

That means you just need to repeat the process until you either get tired of it or suddenly want to opt out of the game.

Usually, when repeating process, you are leaving an open-ended cliffhanger for the woman saying “I want us to go out again” or “I want to get to know you more next time.”

Of course, this shouldn’t be used to be the toxic person in the dating world like most fuckboys are. It should be used to try figuring out what you want

The bottom line

Most if not all pick-up artists are bums because they never moved past the fuckboy stage. People’s goals grow and it goes beyond just hooking up and dating around.

Being a fuckboy should only be a phase and dating multiple women is just your means of finding the perfect partner. Just be aware that some of them also like repeating the process and just want to hook up.

The key is in the flirting stage. See if there’s potential to go beyond that. Flirting and attracting is actually the easy part. It’s the escalation part that takes a ton of work.

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