How Long Does it Take to Get Started With Your BlueChew Tablets After Ordering?

BlueChew gives you discrete access to sildenafil and tadalafil ED medications prescribed by certified doctors. These two ED medications are the same active ingredients found in Cialis and Viagra, and the BlueChew platform allows you to access them at a cheaper rate and without the need to visit a doctor.
BlueChew’s cardinal objective is to meet ED patients at the point of their need and to give them full control over their sexual health. Bluechew’s co-founder, Dr. Alex Jovanovich captures this cardinal objective in this statement: “the process is affordable, convenient and discreet for those who don’t want to take pills but still want the confidence of being at their best.” In addition to using wildly successful ED medication ingredients and giving patients all the medical attention they need, BlewChew also provides chewable tablets which dissolve and take effect in the body much quicker than swallowed ED drugs. This provides users with a tighter grip over their erection.
Everything is done with uttermost discretion on the platform. Your medical information is kept in compliance with HIPAA. No one else has access to your profile and personal information other than the certified doctor assigned to your case.

How The Ordering Process Works on the Bluechew Site

During its early days, Bluechew services were only available to residents in a handful of states in the US. However, the company continues to spread its tentacles to serve patients in more areas. However, since each state has its unique telemedicine laws, the extension of the services has been a bit slow. Currently, the service is yet to be available to residents of AR, HI, ID, LA, MA, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, and Canada. There’s also an age limit of 21 years for customers in all states where the service is available.

Getting Started

If you reside in any of the states where the service is available, you can initiate the ordering process by clicking the “Get Started” button on the site, and then choosing a product and plan combination. You can choose from any of the following plans for sildenafil and tadalafil chewable:

  • Active: Costs $20 a month, and includes either 6 of 25mg sildenafil chewables or 6 of 2.5mg tadalafil tablets.
  • Busy: Costs $30 per month, and includes 10 of 25mg sildenafil chewables or 10 of 2.5mg tadalafil chewables.
  • Popular: Costs $50 per month, and comes with 17 25mg sildenafil chewables or 17 2.5mg tadalafil chewables.
  • Pro: cost $90 per month, and comes with 34 of 25mg Sildenafil chewables, or 34 of 30mg tadalafil tablet.

Note that you need to pay for a separate $5 shipping fee for all your orders. Your plan renews automatically every month, except you cancel it. Bluechew does not accept insurance. Nevertheless, the service is cheaper than in-person doctor visits and filling prescriptions at a pharmacy.

Filling in The Form

DRKED7 Application form to fill in with your details and pen

After choosing your plan, the final step is filling in your personal details. They include:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Credit card details
  • Shipping address
  • Selecting your preferred shipping method.
  • You can do all of these within 5 minutes.

Delivery Period

It takes no more than a few days (some users say it takes 2 days). Depending on your location, your Blewchew drugs will be delivered at your door post. They usually arrive in discrete black pouches (for sildenafil chewables) or light gray pouches (for tadalafil). Your monthly refills will come in one month after the first delivery, but you can cancel the refill at any time without any penalties.


Within a few days after ordering, you can get your first batch of BleuChew tablets delivered at your doorstep. Your subscription also gives you access to certified medical doctors at any point in time. In effect, you can squash ED from the comfort of your home within days — no waiting rooms or appointments.

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