How Should I Take Bluechew for the Best Results?

Bluechew can be taken in different ways and they will all produce good results but if by best results you mean faster results, then chewing the tablet is the best way to take your dosage. After all, Bluechew is the only chewable medicine for erectile dysfunction.

The reason why chewing the tablet is the best way to go is because it gets absorbed into the blood much faster and you can take the tablet just when you are about to get into action, unlike other pills which you have to wait for one to two hours for them to take effect.

Bluechew comes in 2 forms Tadalafil and sildenafil. Both ingredients are well known for helping fight erectile dysfunction and have managed to make Cialis and Viagra respectively very popular. ED pills made of Sildenafil can last for 4 to 5 hours while the ones made of Tadalafil can last for 30 to 36 hours.

Either way, you will get a strong erection whether you use Bluechew made of Tadalafil or Sildenafil. The effectiveness of Bluechew made of Sildenafil can be affected by food but you can take Bluechew made of Tadalafil with or without food. The effectiveness will still be the same.

The taste of both Tadalafil and Sildenafil is quite amazing and you are most likely going to love it. However, if you don’t like the taste, you can chew the medicine with food and it will still be quite alright if it’s Tadalafil. You can also swallow the tablet like you would do Viagra or Cialis but if you decide to follow this route, then be sure to wait up to 30 minutes for the medicine to be absorbed into the blood.

Can I Take Two Tablets at the Same Time?

Some people think that if they take two tablets it will make the erection even harder and probably make the penis even bigger. Well, it is possible that taking two tablets will make the erection firmer but there is no possible way it can make your penis larger.

Plus taking two tablets at the same time will do more harm than good. In as much as it will make your erection firmer, there is a very high possibility that your partner will not enjoy the sex as it will be a bit painful and it will also bring about some side effects to you.

If you take two pills at the same time, be prepared for some serious headache. The best way is taking just one tablet as prescribed by the doctor and this will make your penis hard and sensitive for both you to enjoy sex as it should be enjoyed.

Can I Take Bluechew If I Am Not Diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction?

Well, most of these drugs are made for people struggling with erectile dysfunction. Bluechew is no different, it is designed to help people struggling with erectile dysfunction get an erection and maintain it longer and get to enjoy sex. However, it can also be used for recreational purposes. Those who want to get harder erections to satisfy their partners to the maximum can use Bluechew.

bluechew, chewable viagraPorn stars can majorly benefit from Bluechew especially the one made of Tadalafil. Tadalafil is known to help one stay a hundred percent hard during intercourse and this can make the sex very satisfying.

However, it is worth noting that just taking Bluechew will not make you hard. The medicine just increases the blood flow to your penis and it does not get to trigger the function in your brain that turns a person on. This means sexual stimulation will still be needed for the drug to work.

ED pills are not designed for premature ejaculation but even if you get premature ejaculation, you will still be hard and continue enjoying sex like it never happened. Bluechew can also not help you if you get tired too fast during sex or you got low libido. For problems like those, it will be wise to change your lifestyle by quitting smoking, alcohol, and be working out regularly. Alternatively, you can try sex therapy.

How Safe Is Bluechew Tablet?

Well, it is very hard to find a generic Viagra tablet that is safe and gets the job done. Most of the pills available online will promise you heaven but will not deliver to the expectations. Bluechew is pretty good and it gets the job done just as advertised.

As for safety, the prescription is made by their doctors after they have gone through answers to questions you must go through before placing an order. The drug is very safe and you can cancel your subscription at any time of your choosing.

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