How Long Does a Man Last in Bed?

Forget about the marathon sex that you are dreaming about with the man in your life. Most men don’t last long in bed according to studies. This dispels the exaggerated notions of men’s prowess in the bedroom. The study also provides an opportunity to throw some light on the truth.

The Study

The study of the researchers was actually about premature ejaculation. They recruited around 500 random heterosexual couples from Span, The Netherlands, UK, Turkey and the US. They were asked to track the duration of the encounters they have during sex. They had to use a diary and a timer. The timer was used as soon as the vagina was penetrated and stopped as soon as the man ejaculated. This is not very romantic, as you can imagine.

After 4 weeks of sex diaries and stopwatches, the researchers followed up on the couples to collect the data. They were also asked a lot of demographic questions.

The Results

The average (median) time before orgasm took about 6 minutes. This ranged from an ecstatic 6 seconds to a marathon-paced 53 minutes. Most of the men lasted between 4 to 11 minutes. Anyone who lasted more than 21 minutes was considered an outlier.

What was interesting about the study was the tendency of the men to overestimate the length of their sexual encounters.  According to the researchers, the estimates of the men averaged about 1.9 minutes longer than what really happened. There was a 31% overestimation over the 6-minute average. This just proves our tendency to exaggerate our performance in the bedroom.

So there’s the scientific proof that our fascination of long romps in the bedroom doesn’t hold up in the date. Most couples are quite happy about it. Studies like this will help us be grounded about our expectations. Fantasies are alright as long as it doesn’t disillusion us.

How to Keep Loving in Bed

Sex is not just the sexual intercourse part. Foreplay is a great part of the romance. Couples can have wine first with fruits or any other aphrodisiacs. They have to get into the mood with soft music, candles, wonderful aroma and nice setting.

A massage would be a good precursor to the sex act. Gentle touches and caressing the muscles will relax the person at the receiving end of the massage. Another good idea is a bath in a Jacuzzi. The warm water will soothe the couple as they talk first and relax in each other’s company.

Lots of kissing, hugs and other forms of foreplay will keep the fire alive. A couple can reenact scenes from a movie that they have watched.  After orgasm, they can keep the good vibes longer by cuddling in bed.

Sex is a good part of any relationship. How long a man lasts in bed shouldn’t bother the couple at all. What is important is communication and how strong the relationship is between the couple.

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