How Good is Bluechew?

Bluechew, chewable viagra

Keeping an erection going has become a common problem in recent days. If you are struggling with erectile dysfunction or weak erections, you will be happy to hear that there is a solution that works perfectly, you just need to give it a try. Introducing, Bluechew, the first chewable pill that treats erectile dysfunction and combats weak erections. The company has not been in the market for a long time but for the short time it has been available, it has won the trust of many people and most people taking the pills are concurring that it one of the best.

Why Bluechew?

Well, there are a couple of choices when it comes to choosing a tablet for erectile dysfunction and in this section, we discuss why you should choose Bluechew over the other options. Let’s get down to it.

A Professional Team

When it comes to purchasing Bluechew, you don’t do it like you buy a drug from online stores like Etsy or Amazon. The purchasing process is a bit different as you cannot buy the pills without getting a prescription from their doctors. You will be required to answer about 19 questions from Bluechew’s website most of which tend to ask about your physical health.

bluechew, chewable viagra, The answers to your questions will then be submitted to their doctors who will review your application and contact you via email if you qualify. They don’t take any chances when it comes to your health and I don’t think you can say the same as most of their competitors.

You Have A Choice

Bluechew is normally made of two main ingredients and you can go for either of them. One of the ingredients is Sildenafil which is pretty known for its remedy to erectile dysfunction as it has been used for a long time for the purpose. Sildenafil is a major ingredient in Viagra and I guess we all know Viagra is one of the most established brands for erectile dysfunction pills and tablets. Sildenafil is also known to help reduce the risk of pulmonary arterial hypertension and high altitude pulmonary edema. It does not have serious side effects and it can also be used by people not suffering from erectile dysfunction, people who just want to improve their game in bed.

Alternatively, you can go for Bluechew made of Tadalafil as the main ingredient. Tadalafil is another popular ingredient in this field and it is the main ingredient that made Cialis popular. Tadalafil is perfect for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction, pulmonary arterial hypertension, and benign prostatic hyperplasia. You can go for either as they both make your erection hard just like you want it.


Well, the convenience of Bluechew is second to none. First, once you buy it will not take more than two days before it is delivered to you as long as you meet the qualifications and it is normally delivered in a brown envelope that does not indicate anywhere you are buying erectile dysfunction pills.

bluechew, chewable viagraSecondly, you can take the pills from anywhere as you don’t need water or any other liquid to take the pills because it is chewable and it has some good taste that we believe most people will have no problem with. But if you don’t want to chew the pills, you can swallow just like you do with any other medicine.

Third, since the pills are chewable, they get absorbed to the blood pretty fast which means you can take pills when you are about to jump right into the action and they will get the job done. We don’t think there is any other erectile dysfunction drug that convenient and hence the increased demand.

Safe to Use

Bluechew may not be approved by the FDA yet, but there is no doubt that it is one of the most effective and safe drug to use for erectile dysfunction.

chewblue, chewable viagra, erectile dysfunction

The prescriptions are made by professional doctors and most people who have used the drug agree that it is very effective and they don’t experience serious side effects. No one has complained of being affected by the drug negatively and their doctors guarantee the safety of the drug.


Bluechew is one of the most affordable drugs for erectile dysfunction and one that is very effective. It comes at a price of just 20 dollars but even before purchasing the pills, you can be a part of the free trial month. You get to try the pills for a month and if everything works out fine for you can subscribe to be getting the pills at 20 dollars a month.

Moreover, if a time comes and you are not interested with the pills anymore, you can cancel the subscription and not forgetting they have a refund policy if you are not sissified by the drug. As long as you make your request within 30 days from your subscription, you will get all your money.

So why wouldn’t you buy from Bluechew? We think it is the best in the market and a drug we highly recommend to all people struggling with erectile dysfunction or wants to improve their game in bed.

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