How Good is Bluechew?

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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects millions of men across the globe. Viagra has been in use for many years to help people affected by the condition.

However, since the patent of Viagra expired last year (2018), new companies are stepping into the industry one of them is Bluechew. If you are wondering just how good Bluechew is and how it can help you, keep reading. In this review, we have prepared you everything you need to know about this drug and left you to make the choice whether it is worth it or not.

What is Bluechew?

Bluechew is the first tablet for erectile dysfunction that is chewable. Bluechew gets absorbed into the blood faster compared to the other tablets since it is chewable. You have nothing to worry about the taste since some sugar and flavoring are added to make sure that you are comfortable chewing it. However, if you don’t like the taste of it, you can just swallow it like Viagra or Sildenafil.

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The tablets are purchased via the Bluechew website and they come at a very affordable price. The prescription is given by their doctors after an assessment through their online system. The tablet comes in Tadalafil and Sildenafil forms. The Sildenafil is the active ingredient that is found in Viagra while Tadalafil is the active ingredient found in Cialis. 

Who can use Bluechew?

The tablet can be used for different situations, which include

  • Treating physical erectile dysfunction that normally comes with age or low testosterone levels
  • Treating erectile dysfunction brought about by stress or nervousness
  • Improving erection, making it harder and making one last longer in bed and satisfy the partner to the maximum

How Can You Buy Bluechew?

To get approved, you will need to answer 19 questions on their website. The questions are directly related to your physical health and help determine if you have any heart issues. After answering all the questions, the form will be received by one of their professional physicians who will take a look at it and provide you with feedback via email.

As long as you are not at risk of serious side effects, you will get approved. In most cases, approval is done within two days. After approval, it will take less than a week to get your tablets which comes in a very discreet envelope that no one will suspect it as a drug for erectile dysfunction.

How Much Does Bluechew Cost?

Well, as we already highlighted, the drug comes at a very affordable cost and the good thing about it is that there is a free trial. You can’t say the same thing for most of the ED tablets available online. The free trial is for 30 days and you will need to use the coupon code to access. Alternatively, you can email their support and request for a free trial.

If you are convinced and you just want to buy the pills, the cost is just $20 per month for the active option, $30 per month for the busy option, and $50 per month for the popular option. The pro plan is a bit more costly as it goes for $90 per month. Compared to their competitors, these prices are more than a bargain. We recommend that you look at the four options critically before deciding which one is the best for you.

Is Bluechew Legit?

Yes, it is legit. The pills are made in the US and every application for buying is normally reviewed by a doctor. If for any reason you want to cancel your plan, you can do that from the dashboard of their website. They won’t allow you to cancel your plan if they are not legit, would they?

Pros of Bluechew

Let’s have a look at why people choose Bluechew. Here are some advantages of the pill.


The pills can be chewed or taken just like any other drug with water, juice, or wine. Moreover, you can take the pills from wherever you are since all you need put a pill in the mouth and chew just as you would do food.


A professional doctor gives the prescription after an assessment and you can be sure that the drug is very safe. You just need to stick to the dosage and the possibility of side effects will be very low.


No one will even know you are taking ED pills if you don’t tell. The packaging is discreet and taking it is very easy.

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Free Trial

You can test it and see how it works before you decide to use your money on the pills.


Bluechew is yet to be approved by the FDA but that does not mean it is safe as the ingredients are FDA approved and a professional doctor gives the prescription.

Some people don’t like the fact that one has to purchase a subscription to get the service.

Final Words

Bluechew is a legit erectile dysfunction drug that works and comes at a very affordable price. It has minimal side effects such as headaches, prolonged erections, and nasal congestion but only a very small percentage experience these side effects. It is a drug that can help anyone struggling with ED and a drug we highly recommend it.

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