How Good is BlueChew?

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When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, there are many processes. However, proper medication beats all the other methods. This is where BlueChew comes in. So, before we delve into the details of impotence and erectile dysfunction, let’s have a look at BlueChew.

BlueChew is an online subscription service that treats erectile dysfunction by delivering chewable pills. To subscribe to a plan on BlueChew, you would begin with filling up your personal information and then answering some necessary questions. After doing that, you would get assigned to a doctor who would help in answering all of your questions.

Is BlueChew Bitter or Sweet?

 The taste of BlueChew taste is questionable. It has been made to be chewable, but can it be chewed conveniently? The answer is Yes. To make BlueChew chewable, sugar and flavouring have been added to the pills. With this information, BlueChew is inevitably neither bitter nor sweet. It’s just conveniently chewable.

Ingredients of BlueChew

BlueChew has two ingredients. These ingredients are sildenafil formula and tadalafil. There is not much difference between the two.  They are taken for the same reason. Both of these ingredients are known for the ability of blood to flow in the penis. Sildenafil formula is an active Viagra. It stays in the body for 4-6 hours.

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Tadalafil has an active component named Cialis. Tadalafil formula stays in the body for 24-36 hours, and it works more effectively compared to the Sildenafil formula. Note that it is advisable to take the pills 30 minutes to an hour of having sex.

Benefits of BlueChew

BlueChew has changed a lot of things in the lives of men. There are many benefits of using BlueChew, and these benefits are explained below.

One Month Free Trial

BlueChew is almost 100% good. Let’s begin with the fact that subscribers get a one-month free trial. This means you get to use their tablets for free in your first month of subscription. This is a sage way of inviting more subscriber users. Everyone loves free stuff.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

A lot of things like alcohol and drug abuse, depression, injury, damaged tissue, can cause erectile dysfunction. With the help of BlueChew, there is a 100% chance of not getting yourself embarrassed when you are about to have sex. BlueChew gives you assurance of having sex with full enjoyment.


Another benefit of BlueChew is the fact that they deliver your pills in front of your doorstep after making necessary payments. They keep all personal information safe. You don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about what pills you use. They do not share any of your information with anyone.


It is effortless to carry the pills anywhere. You can quickly shove them inside the pocket of your jean trousers or dress trousers without having to worry about anyone noticing.

Prolonged Erection

Not having an erection is so much different from not having a prolonged erection. Especially with tadalafil, there is an assurance of having a hard penis throughout sex. BlueChew has made that possible.

No Performance Anxiety

BlueChew clears all forms of performance anxiety. It creates boldness in you and makes you manly. Before having sex, there is no need to worry about not getting hard or not staying hard for an extended period.

Subscription Plans

BlueChew is very affordable for everyone. However, only mature men can take pills. There are four subscription plans in BlueChew. Let’s have a look at the types of subscription BlueChew offer.


The active option is the cheapest plan of all four plans.  To subscribe to this plan,  you need to pay $20 monthly for six sildenafil or four tadalafil tablets.


When you subscribe to this plan, you would be charged $30 per month for ten chewable tablets of sildenafil or seven chewable tablets of tadalafil.


The subscription on this plan costs $50 per month for 17 tablets of sildenafil or 14 tablets of tadalafil. Honestly, it is worth the price.


The subscription on this plan costs $90 per month for 34 tablets of sildenafil or 28 tablets of tadalafil.

Although there are some side effects like congestion, high blood pleasure, however, it depends on your health condition. This is why you need to answer a questionnaire before you can buy a subscription to BlueChew.

Final Words

BlueChew is a very successful subscription site that has been of help to most men. Many can enjoy their sexual relationship without any erectile dysfunction getting in the way. Millions of men have a history with BlueChew, and most of them have a positive review of BlueChew.

So, if you are looking for a treatment of erectile dysfunction, then BlueChew is the way to go! Check out BlueChew today!