3 Honest Dating Advice Every Man Should Accept

honest dating advice

Dating experts are always going to give you honest dating advice. It’s a fact of life you just cannot twist.

Some people will buy all these books that give a play-by-play look into dating. There’s nothing wrong with reading dating playbooks but you can actually simplify things with three things.

These three things will be your secret weapon as you enter the realm of the single dating universe. As bad as it sounds, dating is a game. You play bad or concede, you lose. Girls can be merciless, mind you.

If you want to power through all the odds, you might want to listen closely to these honest dating tips I’ve written for you. You definitely deserve that gorgeous girl and she shouldn’t have second thoughts about you as well.

But if you want to change a girl’s mind, you also have to deal with the unchangeable. That means taking three spurs to every rodeo. 

Now, here are three honest dating advice every man should accept.

Honest dating advice #1: Controlling everything

Girls don’t know what they want. They may say one thing but mean the other.

It also means that if you show her that you yourself aren’t firm and full of uncertainty, she’s surely going to either leave you hanging or leave you in the friendzone.

A man should be in control of everything. They dictate what should happen and when it should happen. That’s what you call self-confidence, another trait women look for in a man.

That said, it’s better to be a bit braggy than become extremely humble in front of a girl. At least it shows that a guy is sure of himself. Trust me, this system increases your chances to win a woman over. 

Here’s an honest dating advice suggestion for you: be that toxic masculine man.

Toxic masculinity isn’t really the contagious type. It’s that superiority complex that shows you are fearless, firm and bold in your words and actions.

There’s no better way of establishing higher value than luring a woman into your command. Even if she wants something, she will always prefer what you want. She just wants to see you impose it with conviction.

Women want the alpha male. They want you to take charge and take control like an alpha wolf leading his pack.

This is the first step in the dating game. You just need to practice having conviction that you won’t even realize you live that way already.

To put it into a scenario. You’ve got a date. She says something you do not agree on. Instead of saying yes in fear of hurting or offending her, fight for your own point or make your own unique contribution if you agree with her. It also lessens the chance you become a boring date.

You can also practice being in control by always making the first move.

Honest dating advice #2: Scope and Limitations

honest dating advice scope and limitations

Dating ranges from one-night stands to long-term plans. Not every guy and girl wants the same thing so you better establish it at the start.

A common mistake for first-timers is to lock in on the girl they date. Remember that these girls will find you creepy if you say “I love you” right upon meeting her. Surprisingly, some girls like that though.

That’s where scope and limitations come in. Is she only good for flirting? Is she a trophy for the keeps? Do you even see a future with her? All these factors come into play.

Some girls struggle because they think a guy led them in only to ditch them. Sometimes they just aren’t familiar with the scope and limitations.

That’s where we men come and control the whole situation. As the one assigned to dictate the pace, it is our job to move according to the purpose. If it’s a relationship, go the chill natural pace. If it’s hooking up with a new hot girl every night, then it should stay that way.

Some men just don’t know what they want and the girls can read it like comic books. That’s where conflicts sometimes happen.

A low-value man wants to spend the rest of his life with a woman that only is in sync when it’s pure flirting.

Deal with the fact that the love between Noah and Allie in “The Notebook” doesn’t work in real life.

This is honest dating advice for men who fall in love easily. There’s nothing wrong but make sure love and a relationship is part of the scope and limitations of your date.

It’s also scope and limitations that make PUA an unsustainable practice for relationships.

Honest dating advice #3 The Attraction Meter

honest dating advice attraction

The attraction meter is one thing you should watch for. There are several factors to see if a woman is indeed attracted to you.

Physical attraction is a given. Some men are just gifted with inborn good looks. Some have a nice appeal to them without them even realizing it.

The best way to measure the attraction meter is through body language. It speaks volumes about how much she really is into you. It’s their dead giveaway that almost guarantees a sure lock.

The most obvious body language is seductive body movements. Their subconscious works in many ways and makes them do movements that are pointed towards their date.

They say “ball don’t lie.” In the case of dating, however, the body doesn’t lie. Strong feelings of being in love or being flirty bypasses logic and sends the brain on autopilot which is heavily controlled by your emotional core.

The attraction meter can go up and down notches too. That’s why there’s such a thing as turn-off. It’s like a scoreboard where you need to maintain a certain lead or catch up when you are getting left behind.

To measure a woman’s attraction meter towards you, you need to know the subtle signals such as good eye contact and the body’s direction while talking to you. Of course if she gets a bit touchy, she’s probably waiting for your reciprocation.

You’re lucky if she’s got the hots for you on the onset. But that doesn’t mean that the attraction meter won’t fall. You need to either maintain or increase your score.

Follow your gut feeling on this. If you feel like she’s starting to be more into you as time goes by. Make slow escalations from time to time. You’ll be surprised by how she reciprocates.

Now, the only thing that’s left for you to do is to put yourself out there and practice your smoothness. Girl codes are not as hard to decode as it sounds.

Start boosting her confidence by asking her number. It’s a good way to practice.

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