Destroy ED from the Comfort of Your Couch

ED can be an uphill battle not only on the bed but also outside the bedroom when you’re out looking for a remedy. Making frequent visits to the doctor for the physical examination can be a huge hassle, with privacy concerns lurking. Also, experimenting with various ED drugs to find what works can be a frustrating and dangerous affair that seems never-ending.
However, with BlueChew, you can break the vice grip of impotence without having to leave the comfort of your home or experiment with self-medication. BlueChew is an online service that facilitates erectile dysfunction treatment by placing patients under the effective care of seasoned doctors in a cost-effective way. BlueChew customers get to undergo treatments for ED that entail prescription for ED meds available exclusively to BlueChew customers.

How Does BlueChew Work?

BlueChew customers purchase a monthly subscription that gives them access to doctors who administer customizable treatment to them regularly. Everything is done online, from signing up to receiving a prescription for ED meds, to ordering the drug to be delivered at your door post. As such, the service helps you squash ED with a customized treatment that meets your personal needs with uttermost discretion.
The medications prescribed by doctors are made with the same active ingredients contained in Viagra or Cialis, which are wildly successful ED drugs. However, the drugs come in chewable form, which further catalyzes the rate in which they take effect in the body.

What Makes BlueChew Prescription Drugs Highly Effective?

Sildenafil and Tadalafil are the two active ingredients in drugs prescribed by BlueChew doctors. These two ingredients are renowned for their remarkable potential to enhance blood flow in the penis. Improved blood circulation leads to better erection and improved sexual performance.
Sildenafil helps retain the pool of blood that builds up in the penis during erection to sustain an erection. It does this by altering the pattern of blood flow in the body temporarily. Tadalafil also plays a key part in the formula for erectile dysfunction cure by promoting blood circulation in the body.
BlueChew doctors will prescribe drugs containing these key ingredients according to your unique personal needs.

What are the Advantages of BlueChew Service?

Convenience: All prescriptions and doctors appointments ensue online, negating the need to make a physical appearance at a doctor’s office. The prescribed drugs are delivered to your doorstep, wrapped individually for easier dosing.

Efficacy: The active ingredients contained in Bluechew prescription drugs are proven winners. Besides the effectiveness of the drug, there’s also the regular attention given by doctors to ensure that everything goes smoothly with little or no negative side effects.

Privacy: You can treat your ED incognito, without giving away any sensitive information about yourself that you may not feel comfortable with. From signing up to the delivery of the prescribed ED drugs, everything is done under discrete wraps.

Are there Any Drawbacks?

When compared to other options for treating ED, BlueChew comes off as a creme de la creme choice. However, there are a few drawbacks of using the platform that you should consider. First, the prescribed drugs are yet to receive approval from the FDA. However, the FDA is yet to approve any drug for ED treatment even though they have approved the two active ingredients of BlueChew ED drugs for use in erectile dysfunction treatment.
When it comes to side effects, there are a few side effects also associated with the drug, such as headaches, nasal congestion, and prolonged erection. However, these side effects have only been limited to a marginal number of cases.


So far, BlueChew has received nothing but rave reviews from users. There are slew of reviews that attest to the life-changing potential of the drug. With BlueChew, you can avoid any embarrassment associated with talking about your ED in front of other people, and you can avoid the risk of self-medication by leaving your condition completely up to the care of a seasoned physician in an utterly discrete fashion.

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