6 “Girl Code” Signs Every Girl Wants You To Know

Reading the “girl code” can be extremely challenging. Girls can tell you one thing but want the other.

Like when she says “I’m not interested” or “Go.” There’s a 100% chance that she really wants you to know what she wants. It’s another fact of life we need to accept.

The key to being better at it is learning how to decode these “girl code” signs. That way, you’ll know where things are going to go.

We’re here to help you fix that so that you can start being more assertive after you learn these signs.

Reciprocation is part of girl code games

reciprocation girl code

There’s this confusing behavior where girls decide to introduce you to challengers by allowing herself to be hit on or grab attention.

Chumps usually crumble under this pressure because they suddenly think the girl lacks interest just because she talks to a bunch of guys and makes you clearly see it.

Just ignore these games because she’s just testing you. You’ll notice the exaggeration in her words and actions. Especially when she’s looking back at you every now and then.

This is not the time to feel needy or clingy. Girls hate that even if it means establishing loyalty. Just smile back at her and she’ll realize that if you’re cool.

Want to get even? Play the same game and see how she reacts. Show here that you are the real catch of the room.

They push and pull too!

playing hard to get girl code

Part of the games in general is the push and pull technique. In girl code, it’s the same practice of showing interest to lead you on and make you chase them.

You can chase her without tailing her. Try pulling the ball back in your court with a little reciprocation.

Think of a dog chasing the tennis ball when it’s rolling. They don’t even mind the ball if it’s just there. Treat them the same way.

It’s always a one step forward, two steps backward approach when it comes to push and pull. You’ll always be meeting in the middle.

It’s exhausting but your mamba mentality must prevail. Don’t make her win the game. The thing about girl code is it can be deciphered just like any other code.

She just doesn’t want to look clingy or needy. You as well shouldn’t too. Don’t be too obvious because you will lose the game.

Remember that the girl is the goal and not the game. The latter is just something that keeps it interesting.

The girl code art of misleading

girl misleading guy

She’ll tell you that she knows her worth and isn’t interested. The truth however is she’s just misleading you. She actually means the opposite.

The weaker male species struggle here. They think that they are too cool to chase when in fact, they should be chasing to make her chase back.

What do I mean? Remember push and pull? How do you expect her to chase back if you don’t do a slight chance?

Just because she’s interested in other guys, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you to go for her. In fact, your assertiveness is the thing that will make you drawn to her.

Don’t think that she isn’t interested in you just because she talks to other guys. Chances are, she might have found you too boring that’s why she decided to do so.

Step up your decoding game instead!

Eliminate fear

nervous guy around girl

Females can smell the fear in you. They know when you are just too afraid to tell them what you really feel.

You may not notice it but you probably are doing all the right things to make her fall for you but you never told her you like her.

She knows that and even when she’s totally into you, she wants you to be the first to tell her what you really feel.

There’s a certain point where the word “rejection” gets thrown out the window. Your assertiveness is a mere formality.

Showing fear or discomfort tells a girl that you are insecure. They see it as a weakness that you can’t handle negative reactions in a cool way.

Despite the games, all women like it when they feel wanted. That’s the reason they leave the pressure of pursuit to us men. At the end of the day, they need their night in shining armor.

You’re maybe thinking so highly of yourself than you should. I understand that you don’t want to be left with the burden but being brave means getting out of your comfort zone.

Women like to feel like a wanted commodity who is being pursued by a confident alpha male.

Whether it’s asking her out or confessing what you truly feel, just go for it. You won’t lose anything since she isn’t an immediate relative anyway.

The hurt of losing her is just a superficial feeling. Why not start by getting a girl’s number?

Be the alpha

alpha male around females

What separates beta males like pick up artists from the true alpha? Real men know what they want and they lead the girl to it.

You might be wasting tons of your own time under her watch with all these push and pulls.

As much as they play push and pull, it should be on the shallowest part of the game. Tell her on the spot what you want.

If you’re looking for mere flirting or hookups, lead her to it. If it’s a relationship you want, lead her to it.

Alpha males are very assertive in what they want. Just like when Christian Gray gave Anastasia Steele that contract upon first meeting. Then, when he started falling for her, he immediately confessed that too.

The point here is he confidently established what he wants like a true alpha. Girls go crazy over this because they see you as a real man.

Players struggle with this because they either pretend or simply don’t know what they really want.

Being confused isn’t a girl’s job. It’s ours as men. That’s why it’s important for you to be able to read girl codes.

Games get older as time goes. You’ll only look like a kid if it plays on. Real men know how to take action.

There’s a part of us men that go on defense mode when we think too much. It is important that we go for it before multiple thoughts cloud your real plans.

Lead her where you want to.

Make your move because all girls are the same

guy making moves

It doesn’t matter if she’s a girl next door type or a farmer’s daughter type. If you don’t make your move, you’ll be sorry.

Girls almost never tell you that they’re into you. You’ll have to just assume that they are so you won’t lose her shall she happen to want you. They give subtle signs about it anyway.

Girls can also sense when you are into them too much. Even when you play it cool, they know. Surprisingly, right?

They have this magical sense called instinct that makes their suspicions mostly right. Just like a mother’s instinct when their child is in danger.

What is my point? Don’t expect her to make the first move. It shows low value when you do.

Even the feisty girls like a challenge. They actually like you in secret. Watch them fold as you make your move and show them how much of a go-getter you are.

Like I said, all women are the same. That’s why it’s called “girl code.”

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