8 Fuckboy Red Flags to Watch Out For

fuckboy red flags

It’s hard to see through when you are dating a really charming guy. You fail to see the fuckboy red flags or intentionally ignore them.

How many of you girls fall for the same mistakes over and over again? That’s because you don’t really want to acknowledge that you’ve seen a red flag.

Ignoring it early on will cost you in the latter part. Oftentimes, when you are already deep in and falling in love with the guy.

It’s something that can actually be prevented if you just noticed them on the onset. There’s nothing worse than to fall in love with a certified fuckboy.

Good thing HealthierMag has given you 9 Fuckboy Red Flags to help you spot the BS early on.

Fuckboys don’t initiate plans

Fuckboys are indeed beta males. They are always available but never make the plans. They leave all the deciding to the girl.

You’ll notice this when he’s always down to do whatever you want but is unclear whether or not he really wants to do it.

It’s bad enough that you won’t get to do plans with him often but the rare times you get to, he’s dictating the terms without following through.

What does this mean, he dictates everything except the pace. He’d rather leave it up to you to do everything despite working under his terms.

A true alpha male shows you why he dictates such terms. If he isn’t initiating plans, then you are dating a beta male fuckboy.

He stands you up

fuckboy stood her up

It’s bad enough that everything has to be under his watch but after making all the efforts in making plans and making sure it happens, he stands you up.

It’s either he cancels on you last minute without any logical or reasonable explanation, he will even pretend that he did not remember standing you up when you confront him about it.

Fuckboys act as if they are high-value men and always busy when in fact, they are bums who just found some better woman to hang out with.

Once might be forgivable but if he regularly cancels out on your date, then cancel out on him for good.

They hate confrontations

This one is the most toxic of them all. Fuckboys lack so much integrity in their words and play as if they are still the catch.

One of the worst fuckboy red flags is when you confront them for something and they intentionally tell you they don’t remember instead of admitting fault.

These beta males even go as far as hiding or lying even when you catch them red-handed.

Real alpha men are confrontational because they are natural problem solvers. Fuckboys, on the other hand, are notoriously flaky when you need to address something to them.

Then, once you confront them, they tell you all the convoluted stories and pathological lies possible in order to manipulate you again in their grasp.

Real men shouldn’t be cheating on you in the first place. Not coming clean and setting things straight is one of the obvious fuckboy red flags.

They flip the script

confronting a fuckboy

This comes with the confrontation. They would usually flip the script and make it turn out that you are just a paranoid obsessed girl who is overthinking things.

Take note that women have natural instincts. Their gut feelings never failed them regardless if they are mentally healthy or not. You are never wrong when you confront a fuckboy. You’ll actually find more truth in the clingy guy.

They come up with the most stupid reasons why you haven’t seen or heard from them in a while. They’re going to pin the blame on you and it will be a never-ending fight until he wants to have sex again.

It’s always during the night

fuckboy night hookup

Okay, he can’t wait to see you and is excited to see you again. But why does it have to be during the night?

It is understandable if it’s a husband and wife since there’s a daily itinerary that needs to be accomplished. But at the dating stage? These are fuckboy red flags.

Fuckboys will usually hit you up in the late evening hours when you are either going to bed or feeling the need to have someone beside you.

It’s pretty much good timing for them since both of you are looking for some final chance to activate those endorphins.

When he says he misses you? He only means he misses the sex. If he really misses you, he’s going to make the effort to see you any time of the day.

Too selfish with personal details

Here you are, the girl who is interested and engaged in a conversation since that’s what the point of dating is, right? The problem is when the guy isn’t invested in the “getting to know stage as you are.

Picture this. If you are already seeing each other a lot and don’t even have an idea of where his doorstep is, it’s either he’s a serial killer or a fuckboy.

He’s intentionally being selfish with his personal details because he is afraid. He fears that if you or he finds something in common, there’s going to be a more serious connection beyond hookups.

The real concept of dating is to find someone you are compatible with. Otherwise, it’s just a meaningless hookup.

Mysterious in this digital age

mysterious fuckboy

In today’s digital age, it’s impossible for someone not to have social media. In fact, social media has become so important that business operations and transactions happen there.

A guy who doesn’t connect with you on social media surely doesn’t want to connect with you in real life. That also means that they aren’t genuinely interested in the tidbits of your personal life.

Following each other on social media is supposed to be the first step. A fuckboy, however, sees this as surveillance.

If they aren’t following you back or accepting your friend request, opt-out immediately before these fuckboy red flags hit you hard.

Sex on the intro

fuckboy sex intro

One of the ultimate fuckboy red flags is when they ask for sex on the intro. It’s either they set the intention to flirt straight or manipulate you into sending nudes.

Even guys consider this one of the more disturbing fuckboy red flags that either speak desperation or pure stupidity on your part.

The mere fact that he asks for nudes or wants to hook up immediately, it’s 100% automatic that he is a fuckboy.

You better watch out for this early red flag.

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