Dos and Don’ts for Improving Erectile Dysfunction

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erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common occurrence when men grow older. However, it is not a usual part of ageing. If you notice that you are having a hard time getting an erection, there are remedies to improve the situation. Here are some tips that you can follow to improve erectile dysfunction.

1.Be mindful of what you eat.                                   

Anything that you eat that is bad for the heart will affect your ability to have an erection.

According to research, the eating pattern that can lead to heart attacks because of the restricted blood flow in the arteries can also lessen the blood flow to the penis. Blood flow is necessary for the penis to harden. A diet that is high in fried, processed and fatty foods can be the cause of the decreased circulation throughout the body. To remedy this, shift to a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. 

A good diet is a Mediterranean diet which consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, heart-healthy fats including olive oil, nuts, fish, and red wine.

2. Keep your weight healthy

Being on the heavy side can lead to many health problems which include type 2 diabetes. This can cause damage to the nerves throughout the body. The nerves that supply the penis can be affected by diabetes.  To be on the safe side, keep a healthy weight and maintain that weight.

3. Be careful of high blood pressure and high cholesterol

High blood pressure and high cholesterol can cause damage to blood vessels. This could include those that bring blood to the penis. This may eventually lead to ED. 

Make it a habit to have your cholesterol levels and blood pressure checked by the doctor. In between visits to the doctor, you may get free blood pressure screenings in some stores that offer the service. You can also purchase a blood pressure monitor for your personal use at home.

An out of control of blood pressure or cholesterol level needs treatment immediately. Blood pressure drugs can make having an erection hard.

4. Control your alcohol intake                     

There is no link between mild or moderate alcohol consumption and erectile dysfunction. However, chronic heavy drinking can result in nerve and liver damage, and other conditions. This can affect the normal balance of male sex hormone levels. Eventually, this can lead to ED.

5. Regular exercise is good for you

Having a sedentary lifestyle is linked to erectile dysfunction. Keeping active by swimming, running or other forms of aerobic exercise have been proven to prevent ED.

However, avoid exercise that puts undue pressure on the perineum. This is the area between the anus and scrotum. This is the reason why bicycle riding can cause ED.

As you grow older, you have to take extra good care of your overall health. Watching your diet and getting enough exercise will benefit you. Try to avoid bad habits.  You will be rewarded in the end with a healthy sex life which will make life more enjoyable.

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