Boost Immune System with These 6 Basic Health Tips

boost immune system

Boosting your immune system is the most important thing to do for your own body. It lessens the chance of external factors messing up your internal wiring.

There are several products and fad programs that use the keywords “immune system to get you hooked to avail their programs. The good news is that there are easy hacks that won’t need some spending.

As much as these offerings make sense and indeed are effective, all you need to do is keep watch of these 5 basic health tips that will make you a stronger person.

Physical Fitness

exercise for immune system

Physical fitness is key. The more you exercise regularly, the more your immune system strengthens.

There’s always the misconception that six-pack abs equate to physical fitness. It’s not always the case though.

Aside from muscle building, exercising also helps you destress. It conditions the body to be capable of more workloads that your usual day-to-day duties become easier as time passes by.

The main side effect of this is boosting your immune system as well. A person who works and exercises has a lesser chance to get sick than the one who stays sedentary even after work.

The reason for this is that their bodies ‘ limitations are very narrow. You can compare this to an adult who is afraid to get wet when the rain pours as compared to one who soldiers through heavy rains.

To put it into science, exercising boosts your body’s circulation. Your immune cells also get physical as it fights negative molecules that can make you sick.

Spending around 30 minutes to an hour of exercise daily is enough to stimulate your immune system. It wouldn’t hurt to dedicate at least a part of your busy day.


hydration for immune system

Sweat excretes toxins. In order to do that, you must be adequately hydrated to allow your body to perspirate.

Water is the most important part here because it’s what composes your blood. It also helps circulate a fluid called “lymph” throughout your body.

The lymph carries infection-fighting cells which is essential in boosting your immune system. The less water you take, the slower the lymph can circulate.

Hydration is very important because you are still able to excrete toxins even if you don’t sweat as your body flushes it out through pee.

Of course, exercising, can expedite the sweating process and it will help more since you will also be taking in more H2O in the process.

The key is to replenish the water you lose for your body to continuously support a robust immune system.

Adequate Sleep

adequate sleep

Isn’t this one obvious already? How can you possibly operate properly without sleep? That’s xactly the point.

Sleep is used to restore the bodily damages of the day or days prior. The problem with sleep, however, is that infection can also crawl on you when your body is at rest. Without a strong immunity to fight it off, sleep is useless.

The problem is when you aren’t getting enough sleep either. Not only does your body become more prone when unrepaired, but it can also cause a weakened or underpowered immune system.

Doctors usually recommend 8-10 hours of sleep per day but if you are a busy person, at least hit 6-8 hours. It’s still better than very little to no sleep at all.

The more your body rests, the more your immune system can assure you of protection.

Proper Hygeine

proper hygeine for immune system

Your immune system is wired in many different ways. That is why there are plenty of factors to consider when boosting your immunity. One of these factors is your own personal hygeine.

It’s more of the fact that your immune system also has its limitations. You can’t force the human body to process tasks way beyond its limit. That’s why you have to do your part too.

The body is already doing the passive fighting. The best thing you can do is take care of the active part.

That means preventing your body to come in contact with different types of infections and illnesses. To do so, you must make sure you are squeaky clean most of the time.

Washing your hands before consuming something is already good practice. You can also bring alcohol and sanitizers if there isn’t the presence of a sink.

Regular showers are also key to protecting your immune health. Be sure to rinse off possible viruses and germs that are clinging to your body.

A full shower to start and end the day makes sure you stay fresh and protected. You can even add one after working out for good measure.

Supplements for Immune System

supplements for immune system

This is where it gets tricky. Almost all herbal and synthetic supplements claim to boost your immune system. While it’s true since multivitamins are an effective intake, it isn’t always that.

Certain natural ingredients can help with immunity too. In fact, most health buffs would rather drink their fresh smoothies in the morning rather than take synthetic alternatives. Not only do they help boost immunity, but they can also serve as a meal replacement too.

Vitamin C is considered the main component in boosting immunity. Citrus fruits are rich in ascorbic acid which helps give you a stronger body.

Natural oils like CBD or Peppermint helps reduce inflammation and increases immune health too.

Don’t Exaggerate

Of course, too much of a good thing is bad too. Overdoing the aforementioned things might overwork your immune system beyond capacity.

That’s also the reason why there are health complications associated with having too many of these health tips. Overworking or overhydrating your body will lead to long-term effects too. Oversleeping for one can lead to insomnia on the other end.

The key is to manage these activities according to your day-to-day lifestyle. Taking in the right stuff is a must too because overdoing a bad thing will be a double whammy to your health.

Be sure to take your immune system very well because it will continue to reward you as you age. Although nobody can put an exact timeline to human existence, There are more cases of healthy living leading to longer lives.

Besides, once you start taking care of your physical health, the other facets of your life will follow suit.

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