All About the Male Sex Drive

What makes a man tick? Is it his passion for a skill? Is it a need to be dominant? Or is it his drive to sexual desires? Some may think that men are simple-minded beings created to just be on the food chain and reproduce.

Men sacrifice logic for lust and tend to follow their drive. The desires cloud their judgment and that’s why they are obsessed with sex. Throughout history, the image of man has been freaks of nature who just wants to get laid. We want to debunk this statement and explain the actual scenario.

What’s with Men?

When it comes to sex men frequently tend to think twice as women, or do they? According to a recent study of  Ohio State University, 200 students debunk the popular myth that men think about sex every seven seconds. The whole myth about having lustful thoughts 8 times every minute is preposterous. Actually, the sex drive depends on the person, not the gender. A woman can feel hornier than a man. There’s nothing wrong with it.

According to a study in China, the masturbation ratio of male to female was 60:40. As you can see, both genders have almost the same attitude towards masturbation. However, men tend to be more open to casual sex, compared to women. This makes men more experienced at a young age.

Brain Receptors to The Drive

Your sex drive is also known as libido. Libido is actually an effect of our brain receptors working. Two major areas that are affected are the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. The cerebral cortex is responsible for thinking, and that includes sex.

When you get aroused, the receptor signals the cerebral cortex and interacts with other nerves and parts of the brain. Some of those nerves are connected to the speed of your heart rate and blood flow to your penis. Pills to help sex drive can help you increase your sex drive.

The pills are effective if you have low libido in some days. You can also try boosting your libido naturally. Here are some natural ways to boost your libido

1. Meditate

Even if you are the fittest person on earth, stress will truly affect your sex drive. Women are more emotional than men. This is why they are more affected by stress, which in turn can reduce their libido.

2. Exercise

When you are not happy about your appearance, you’ll feel anxious and stress. This results in an unhealthy lifestyle. Feeling good about yourself helps increase your self-esteem and helps you focus on the pleasures of having sex.

3. Get Some Sleep

Busy schedules usually take a lot in a person’s life. This is true if you work in a managerial position. You neglect the basic necessities of human life just to cope up and finish everything in a jiffy. A balance of work and sleep is the best way to increase your libido. The right amount of rest will revitalize your whole body and energize to a whole new drive.

4. Daily Health Herbs

Not thinking the right food to eat may be the reason your libido isn’t good enough for your woman. Even adding basil or garlic to your dish may help you regain the urge that you once had. Ginkgo biloba, a leaf extract derived from a Chinese ginkgo tree is another herb that aids in treating antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction.

5. Drink a Glass of Wine

Wine helps you to warm your body. It also lowers inhibitions and helps you to relax. Moderate drinking of wine is great for the heart and calms the body. It releases good body hormones that boost the sex drive well. However, too much alcohol can ruin your performance, so drink smartly.

These are a few things you can do to remedy your situation and it may help you in the future. However, what if you are in a position to make love and that drive is out? You can try Sildenafil or Tadalafil. These ingredients can give you the boost you need at special moments. Try out these methods to increase your sex drive, and have a passionate night with your partner.

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