9 Anxiety Relief Tricks You Should Know By Now

meditation for anxiety relief

It may be harsh to hear but anxiety is normal. Anxiety relief is the first thing we should turn to as a living creature in this chaotic universe.

While anxiety is there the same way other human ailments are, there are also ways to prevent feeling such. Prevention is the only way to get around it.

It’s better to stay organized and prepared for when that anxious feeling attacks. That’s why we are going to talk about 9 relief tricks you might not be noticing helps with your situation.

Physical activity

exercising in face mask

The chemical balances of adrenaline can fill through the imbalances of anxiety. That is why you tend to clear you mind when exercising.

Aside from the fact that regular exercise is good for your bodily functions, so does it do for your emotional health.

Some people rely heavily on exercise to ease their anxieties. It helps keeping your mind focused on bodily gains than emotional losses.

An uptempo lifestyle which suddenly slows down is sometimes the cause of anxiety. It happens to the majority of us from war veterans to frequent partygoers.

At least exercising can cover a part of your daily thoughts enough to distract yourself from its lows. You can feel relieved for hours after your workout is complete.

Lay off the booze

alcohol on the rocks

Contrary to belief, alcohol isn’t for anxiety relief. It’s a natural sedative that will surely be a downer.

As much as your nerves gets numbed by the buzz of booze, your anxieties will fight back just like a rested animal. It’s going to have stronger attacks which isn’t safe to your mental wellbeing.

The best anxiety relief you can have is simply dropping the booze. Developing a dependence in alcohol isn’t the safest for anxiety relief.

Just find alternative downers instead that will calm your nerves to better effect.

Ditch the cigarettes too!

quit smoking

It’s bad enough that smokers are killing the non-smokers with second-hand smoke, they also damage more than just their lungs.

Smokers have a ton of reasons as to why they do it. Some say it relieves them from stress while others do it just to look cool. The problem is that each puff isn’t really therapeutic at all.

Smoking is said to worsen one’s anxieties in the long run. Studies showed that the earlier you do it, so will it cost you later in life.

According to the same research, it’s because the nicotine and the other components used to make a single stick alter pathways in the brain which causes chemical imbalances.

Slow down on caffeine

slow down caffeine

Caffeine is very addicting. Each sip of coffee gives us a stimulation similar to puffing cigarettes. It won’t do any better with your anxieties though.

Some people suffer from jitters, nervousness, and palpitation after consuming just a cup. While it helps keep you awake, it doesn’t help your mental stability too.

People with chronic anxiety can have their condition worsen depending on their dependence on coffee. Some even have panic attacks more often than they used to.

Try to find ways on how to avoid caffeine as much as possible especially after an episode.

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

Not having enough sleep is what makes us always stressed. It’s also a common anxiety symptom.

Sleep can be directly related to anxiety relief. Aside from the fact that you don’t consciously have anxious thoughts while asleep, it also helps your brain balance its chemical imbalances.

It is best to control and schedule your body clock depending on your daily routines. Sleep only during bedime and not during the day to make sure you receive a long straight sleep.

Avoid the gadgets too because it keeps your senses alert whenever you use them. If you can’t fall asleep, it’s better to close your eyes instead and do some lying meditation.

Room temperature also matters. Keep that temperature low to allow your body to recover well.

As for how long you should sleep, 6-8 hours is fair enough for your body to function well the next day.


meditation for anxiety relief

You can do meditation either in the morning or at night before going to bed. Its purpose is to clear your mind by taking away all the chaotic thoughts that’s bothering you.

Successful people spend a certain part of their day just sitting down in silence and meditation. It gives them a sense of calm and mindfulness for the tasks ahead.

It is also one of the best things to do for anxiety relief according to research. Meditating alleviates anxiety symptoms by clearing the flows of thoughts in your brain.

Fix your diet

balanced diet

How many overweight people suffer from anxiety and depression even when external factors never really messed their state of mind?

The reason is more of what type of food the body processes than people judging. Even the most confident and secure overweight person will always have anxieties due to the composition of food they eat.

Artificial ingredients in processed food have chemicals that turn into toxins which is fatal when the body relies on them for energy.

Foods that can contribute to anxious symptoms are high sugar and processed foods.

Sticking to complex carbs, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables in the most organic form is the best anxiety relief diet.

Proper breathing

deep breathing

When the body is in distress, the breaths are shallow, which is common with anxiety. Shallow breaths can also cause panic attacks at times.

Some people exercise to improve their breathing. Deep breaths help enough oxygen travel to the brain first before excreting carbon dioxide.

We usually do deep breaths in stressful or frustrating situations because we feel it’s going to calm us. Making a habit out of deep breathing will make sure we are often calmed.

Try different therapies


Anxiety relief is related to mental health. That said, therapy is still the best solution.

You can do a bunch of therapy options depending on what you think you need or what the doctor recommends.

Self-therapy through trying new experiences or finding peaceful places often gives us that needed escape. Then, there’s that inevitable visit to a shrink too.

Aromatherapy another popular anxiety relief. The scent of essential oils such as lavender or argan oil can help you relax and boost your mood.

There’s a bunch of therapy options that might be the best among all anxiety relief tricks. Of course, mind practices will help too.

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