7 Things You Can Do For Better Mental Health

better mental health

Dealing with your own mental health can get tricky sometimes. Anxiety and Depression gets trough the best of us.

While mental health shouldn’t be just classified as disorders and illnesses, it’s still the best to maintain a healthy one.

Most psychiatrists charge more for their sessions rather than other medical doctors for physical health. That only puts an emphasis on how important your mental health is.

There are small things you can do where you can assure that your mental state is just as healthy as your physical. That said, all you need is some proper self-care routine. 

Here are 7 things you can do for better mental health.

Write a journal

writing a journal

Not all people will want to listen to you. It’s either they want their story to be the one on top or they just don’t consider you the same way you do for them.

That said, it is easy to feel comfortable when you have a safe space you can share your thoughts on. A place that will take your innermost feelings and thoughts without judgement.

Writing a journal helps a lot especially since people would rather read a book about a person’s life rather than talk about it. It will also help lessen your fear of being judged.

There’s some sort of self-therapeutic release in writing a journal that will surely help your overwhelming thoughts ease.

Make some art

making art

Sadly, it’s the artists that either get hit with poor mental health. Some choose to channel it in making more art.

There’s just a pull of nature that brings more sustainable streams to consistent creation. We might take forever if we list all the famous and successful artists that used art to better their mental health.

Your mind is either vacant or gets overwhelmed with rather underwhelming thoughts and making art can fill that void.

Once you do something you love and are in the flow of it, you’ll surely feel more grounded and calm.



There’s a common misconception that only the yoga practitioners meditate. Meditation can take multiple forms and just sitting down, closing your eyes, and breathing is one of them.

From the outside looking, you might find it weird but once you channel your inner chi, you’re immediately going to see its benefits.

Even pre-game rituals of athletes are considered meditation. Don’t get stuck in the misconception of meditation equals yoga. It’s not just that.

One good meditation practice is going to a nature spot filled with calm and ambient sounds. Then, start doing your breathing and imagining. Think of the challenges and tasks ahead and deal with them in your mind first.

It’s going to prepare you for when you throw yourself out there.

Listening to music according to mood

listening to music

We couldn’t stress how therapeutical music is. It doesn’t matter what genre. As long as you feel like it, listen to it.

If there was a study on the correlation between mental health and an open mind of people to multiple genres, it’s probably going to be the best and most accurate one ever.

Notice how a hardcore metal guy is willing to listen to hiphop and RNB while the rapper sings country. The diversity of genres today are also a possible reason for people turning to music.

It blends moods and makes you feel like listening to a specific single genre when you are happy, sad, excited, heartbroken, or anxious.

If laughter is the best medicine, music may be herbal medicine.

Farming or simple gardening

indoor gardening

Farmers are the most contented people you will ever meet. It doesn’t matter if they are land rich but cash poor. You’ll never see them downed.

It may be because they find passion in planting things in order for them to grow. They see it as a life they have given meaning to.

The same goes for indoor gardens or backyard landscapes. Even the toughest-looking individuals turn to plants to keep them sane.

Plants have become such a channel too during the pandemic. People who feel anxious staying indoors chose to grow plants instead of feel down about the situation.



Exercising is also something that can take your mind off any anxious or depressive feeling.

It’s either because it helps you feel better about yourself or it’s another activity to make sure you stay occupied.

Even without mental health issues, exercising is basically a form of self-care already. You get benefits beyond physical results.

It’s also why the down feeling usually comes after months or even years of being uptempo. Even an hour of cycling or running in the morning can do the trick.

Sweat also releases toxins which is definitely for your own good.

Hygeine & Grooming


People usually look at hygiene and grooming as a non-factor to your mental health. The truth is, there are indirect benefits too.

Looking sloppy doesn’t emit good energy from you on the get go. Then, you’ll have to consider what others will think.

The only reason you shouldn’t care about others’ opinion is if they are invalid. A shot at your poor hygiene isn’t an invalid opinion at all.

The same goes for your grooming. A neat image will also distract you from the less than neat things happening in your head.

That’s because a well-groomed image has purpose.

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