7 Style Blunders Older Men are Making in their Mid-30s

men style blunders

Style blunders can break a man fashion-wise. It is important to make style choices based on what looks fitting.

That said, wearing the right suits, fabrics, and colors for men is crucial. One has to dress to impress in order to score some style points out there.

Making such style blunders will come off as either trying hard or being a pretender. It’s better to base your style choices on what fits you especially when you age.

That said, we’ve come up with 7 style blunders where men in their mid-30s and beyond find the biggest challenge. Whether it’s nearing mid-life crisis or plain ignorance, it’s better to be aware if you are making these mistakes too,

A bunch of factors comes into play when it comes to style so let’s discuss these 7 Style Blunders Older Men are Making in their Mid-30s.

Colorful Sneakers

sneakers style blunders

While sneakers are good collectibles depending on release, wearing them as a fashion option should have its limit.

Colorful sneakers don’t go well when you are in your mid-30s. It only makes a man look like a tool when they are still carrying such shoe options.

One must understand the type of material you are wearing before choosing which pair of sneakers to wear. It tends to be crucial because trendy doesn’t always mean fashionable.

There will even be times where you will need to get a fashionable pair of dad sneakers or the go-to beaters rather than the latest release. Besides, you can still impress by showing your sneaker collection rather than wear them to the streets.

A safe choice is to go as minimalist as possible when it comes to color. A single-colored rubber shoes does the trick when you are just working out or running errands. Safe bets for colors are black, navy blue, and dark gray.

If you are attending a more formal occasion, you can opt for driving mocs or boat shoes. They look fashionable even in shorts if you know how to carry.

Baseball caps as an accessory

baseball cap accessory

Using baseball caps are a good accessory for teenagers and men way into their late 20s. A transition should happen soon after.

As much as these caps do work as an accessory, it looks awkward when you are an older man wearing a snapback. Even NBA players leave that habit right after they are drafted.

It’s understandable that baseball caps may be easy to pull off but it can also give a wrong impression to fashion judgers out there. It just doesn’t look cooler when you get older.

Besides, it really looks like an older man is trying hard whenever they force baseball caps as an accessory into their mid-30s.

Trucker caps are the lesser of these style blunders. Golfer caps may do you more justice since the mid-30s and beyond is the time where you are expected to have elevated in status.

Baggy Jeans or Ripped Jeans

baggy jeans

Don’t be mistaken by the term “baggy jeans.” Oversized jeans are a fashion thing. So does hip hop pants.

The problem starts when a man wears jeans that do not fit them well. You can see this from afar since their pants just look awkward on their tops.

Picking jeans that don’t fit well may be an honest mistake at times but it is preventable. it is important to be aware of the brands that fit you well in order to avoid these types of style blunders.

Ripped jeans is another one of those style blunders you ought to avoid in your mid-30s. Besides, the ripped hole design gets bigger by the day and before you know it, you need new ones.

Despite the lack of attention paid to it, jeans are more crucial than it looks. A minimalist design with the perfect fit is fine. You also should go for either a medium or darker color. Only wear a light one when it’s gray or white.

As for the length, just make sure that the hem does not go beyond the shoes otherwise, they will get tattered through walking. It will also make it look like your height is too short for your pants.

Flashy Socks

flashy socks

Since the hem of your pants shouldn’t go beyond your shoes, it is inevitable for your socks to show at times. that means if you are wearing a loud or colorful pattern, it may not look good with what you are wearing.

Although some pay attention to such detail, you shouldn’t be caught in between these style blunders. It’s okay to wear patterned socks but at least see to it that they look serious rather than flashy.

Wearing something too bright on the ankle might also gain unnecessary attention to your footwear rather than your top. Two-toned socks are enough to do the trick.

Excessive Patterns

excessive patterns

Another thing that shouldn’t be too flashy once you hit your mid-30s is your clothing patterns. It just looks awkward on a person who’s expected to make more serious choices.

It doesn’t mean you are such a serious person when you opt for two-tones. It just shows that you know how to act accordingly.

Besides, it isn’t in your fashion that should be less-boring but rather the substance of your character. Entertaining someone with your articles of clothing will only disappoint them when you can’t deliver the same enthusiasm in your conversations.

Let’s just put it this way. Have you ever seen a young billionaire wear flashy color options to public engagements?

Kanye West is a flashy person but if you google him, you’ll see that he isn’t making that much much style blunders.

“Cool” Necklaces

ugly necklace

Cool necklaces are a thing in the 1970s all the way to the mid 1990s but that was before. It looks awkward when you are wearing that fang necklace in 2020.

While of course it still has a style to suit, men in their mid-30s are better off with slick watches rather than necklaces. You are expected to attend more formal engagements that these necklaces won’t be seen under your outfits anyway.

Rings and watches are better jewelry pieces. Keep those cool necklaces for your vacations.

Dressing Like A Teenager

men dressed like teenagers

One of the worst style blunders men in their 30s commit is dressing as if they are still in their teens.

Those graphic tees, printed sweatshirts, tattered jeans, and casual backpacks should all have left the moment you graduated college. It may look uber-cool during your younger prime but you are about to enter your actual prime in life.

The 30s are about building already and dressing overboard shouldn’t be a part of it. Some may look younger with such experiment but there are actually other ways you can look younger.

It might be better to keep the youth internally by boosting your immune system rather than committing fashion blunders.

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