Get A Raise From Your Boss With These 5 Tested and Proven Ways

get a raise

Not everyone is equipped to start their own business but at least you can get a raise from one if you play your cards well.

Most employees get stuck doing a job they hate because they are underpaid. The problem is they rant it to all the wrong people.

While success isn’t in being part of a certain workforce, you don’t always have a choice when bills and responsibilities pile up.

We’re going to show you a remedy to make you either stay longer in your current job or suddenly make it enjoyable.

Now is the time to give yourself a raise by following these 5 tested and proven ways done by experts.



You’ll always hear these healthy people use the term “invest.” The common misconception, however is that when they say “invest,” they mean instant and immediate sustainable income.

You can actually give yourself a raise outside your 9-to-5 job. The key is investing time and a little money on an extra side hustle around something you’re passionate about.

It’s an unexplained phenomena how people who do not like a certain career path end up there. How many of these singers would rather do day jobs than sing but end up as recording artists? The same goes for other art forms.

It’s not always talent. You can start a small business where you do not need to touch a single cent from its profit unless needed. You have a day job anyway for all the expenses you need.

While it isn’t a raise that comes from your boss, at least you have thought of a solution for your reality. The easiest way to get a raise is to give it to yourself.

Sharpen your skillset

Sharpen your skillset

Another investment that will get you a raise is sharpening your skillset. Companies and hiring superiors tend to point that metaphorical gun to your head to take the small pay because there’s a plethora of other people looking for the exact same job you seek.

By sharpening your skillset, you tend to offer something that the rest may not or have just a little bit of.

You need to give these people an urgency that nobody can do it better than you do. These bosses have bosses to answer to. The output of your unique skill will also reflect on them when the reports come out.

This tip works best when you are in your dream job but aren’t paid a lot for it. All you want to do is that certain job but want to get paid more as life’s responsibilities pile up.

Seminars hand out certificates for attending because of this exact reason. It is something that can help convince your superior that you have an advanced skillset when it comes to a certain aspect.

Get to know people

Get to know people

It’s called building your network. When you build networks, you also increase the entire company’s chance to move forward.

While you won’t always have a voice, building a network will open yourself up to others who might be willing to give you that voice.

If your department has a way to add value to a successful business in need of your product or service, that will make your boss happy enough to give you a raise.

If you want to be a CEO someday, you have to think like a CEO. While you think all they do is sit around and do meetings, it’s actually already a form of networking.

On a smaller scale, you can get to know people while you aren’t there yet. The value your department can bring will make a rais e inevitable.

Be aware of your worth and introduce the competition

job interview

One of the sad realities of the corporate world is that you pour your blood and soul into a company only to give an external hire three times the salary you are getting for the same position.

The fact that the company is willing to pay three times more for the same position as yours means your value has increased. You just aren’t paid that way.

The best way to deal with this is to not think long-term as an employee of a certain company. Bounce around, take interviews, and apply for other companies for the same position as yours.

While it might not sound good but you already have the experience you need from your current field. It’s not like you’re applying for a whole different job.

If the hiring manager asks you about your attrition rate, just tell them the company isn’t paying you what you’re worth.

After that, you’ll be confident to leave your current post shall another highter-paying company want to hire you.

Ask for it straight-up

asking for a raise

Salary isn’t the indicator of human worth. It’s only an indication of what your time is worth.

Part of having work-life balance is having time for your personal life. No company deserves a chip of that time.

So, if your work is already getting in the way of your personal life, that means they have to pay you for it. Otherwise, they are just intentionally destroying your dreams and passion pursuits.

You’ll need to ask fo a raise straight-up because it’s what makes you a threat now. The fact that they are underpaying you for your time means the company is immediately going to sink without you holding it together.

The mere fact that the company you work for will immediately go bankrupt if you don’t render an extra hour means it will also earn much more when you do.

It’s time you give yourself a piece of that cake.

The bottom line

Most millennials are already aware of having such balance. This is the age of convenience where you can leave your job and still do okay for a few more months.

If the company you work for doesn’t call your realistic bluffs, that only means they don’t see you as anything but a robot. Robots don’t have to deal with social struggles and mental health issues.

The point here is just that if you aren’t paid your worth, then it makes no sense of staying.

Your breaking point will teach you that an empty stomach is worth more than being an underpaid human-robot at work.

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