5 Single Dating Tips for the First Timers

single dating first time

You’re probably in the hunt for single dating tips because you haven’t been in one. We’re going to fix that.

We get you. It’s your first time going on the date. You’re not the only guy in the world who is single since birth.

There’s also that jittery feeling because you didn’t even bother dating in the past. Who would consider it when you’re happy enough with video games, or other introvert hobbies, right?

You’ll be surprised to find out that you are a natural after all. It’s all possible if you follow these 5 single dating tips for the first-timers

Man up!

single dating asking a girl out

Women hate a nice guy. It’s a law of nature for them to attach themselves to respectful bad boys.

It’s also probably the reason you’re still in the stage of your very first date at a certain point in your life. You aren’t manning up to go out and pick up girls out there.

It doesn’t make you any less of a man not being nice. That’s why the term “toxic masculinity” is your vaccine to immunize you for single dating.

What do I mean? Don’t be afraid to ask her out. The pain of regret is ten times more painful than the pain of being turned down. Besides, how will it be a date if you don’t ask her out?

Every single dating tips list starts with convincing you to go out of your comfort zone. That includes crushing all that shy bones in you to ask her out with conviction.

Treat hitting on females as your favorite simulation video game. It will surely boost your comfort and confidence levels.

It also increases your chances of dating your future partner on your first try.

Operate smoothly

single dating operate smoothly

Single dating means learning how to operate and manipulate the situation. We males should be the alpha and girls should have any say at all.

Why do I say this? It’s because as much as you want to make the girl happy and base all activities on what she wants, you will automatically come off as a passive beta male.

In able to captivate the woman, you need to commandeer the entire date. All you need is their presence and your own firm decision-making. Don’t let a woman have a say on the date.

Is this disrespecting the woman you are dating? Probably but trust me. Letting her have a say is the first-ever red flag she’ll see in you.

Women like to be swooped away by a man and feel freely powerless. They have this gene in their biological mapping that looks for a prince charming that has a say in everything.

If you can operate your first date, you can surely operate a kingdom of single women in your dating pool.

Single dating Body Language

single dating body language
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Body language is vital in single dating. You need to already know some common demeanor when you’re fresh on the dating scene.

Dating is also a mental game where the mind functions in many ways simultaneously when cues are sent out. You can even see if you are doing a good job through some of her girl codes.

Chancing on a keeper ain’t an easy task. There are signals that will point you to what your next move should be.

Eye contact is the most basic thing you should look for. Is she looking you back in the eyes as she talks? Are her eyes hovering elsewhere out of boredom? Women can also see these signs in you when you don’t seem interested.

There’s also this term called “kino escalation” where you lead her into your own body language and see her response. You can start with playful, non-malicious touches and see if she touches back.

My personal favorite body language is when she leans in as you do.

Now that you’re sure that she wants you, what are you waiting for? Approach her and look out for these key body language cues. It shows that she wants to be closer to you.

Another thing to consider is the body language of single dating. This is the stage where you need to make an impression so. Show her your most confident self.

Insecurities show itself in your body language. Everything you say and should be with conviction.

Let the woman see that she’s dating a man with a firm stature.

Play positionless basketball

single dating positionless basketball

Let me use Lebron James as an example here. He can play all five positions depending on the situation.

The female is your situation. You are on your first date so consider yourself lucky that I’m telling you this before you go to battle.

You’ll need to adjust your planned game according to the female’s words, tone, and the aforementioned body language. All women are molded the same using different materials.

The most important skill of a manipulator is being able to adapt. You need to be what the woman needs you to be. Establish your inner alpha male and make her play your game.

LeBron surely adapts and pulls his opponents to play his game. That’s the importance of a positionless player.

So,  for you who’s going to your first date ever, try to assess first what the girl looks for in you. That’s why it’s important to make her talk about herself more than you talk about yourself.

Being the person she is looking for will give you more chances than being a generic one-trick pony.

This also means you need to be open and accepting of the fact that she’s only looking for a good flirty date that ends in a one-night stand.

Single dating should mean single dates at a time

single dates
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Trust me when I tell you that loyalty shouldn’t be shown until she becomes your girlfriend or wife.

What do I mean here? Intentionally stall your next date for a very long period of time no matter how much you fancied her during your fun first date.

It’s human nature for women to call you clingy, needy, or creepy if you keep on asking them out after a successful first date. Mind you, even if she wants being with you, she’ll feel suffocated by your constant neediness.

Sadly, this gesture of loyalty and sincerity isn’t received the right way by women. It’s just a fact of life you need to accept once you go single dating.

Wanting to be with her often is a first-class ticket to the friend zone. The only people that see each other as often as that are friends.

You will look like that low-value man that’s always there for anything. She’ll only keep you because she can use you.

That’s why single dating should mean single dates at a time. Maintain a chill pace. Use the intervals as a gauge of her interest.

If she agrees to go out with you again a month later, you can measure it again with a shorter interval until each interval gets closer.

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