5 Non-Creepy Ways To Ask For a Girl’s Number

getting a girl's number

Guys can turn from mysteriously charming to mysteriously creepy real quick by the way he gets a girl’s number. But we’re here to fix that!

You’ve all probably been waiting for this topic since we filled up the dating section. Good thing we’re here to fix all those cringes as soon as possible. Every man needs to hear this.

Most of the time, the nicest guys in the room with all the pure intentions either get the stink eye or get labeled as a total creep. It’s a law of nature and we can’t change a single thing about it.

Getting a girl’s number is actually the easiest part. If there’s a move that you can say there’s nothing to lose, it’s that.

Mind you, some girls even act nice and show tons of interest only to give you the wrong number. It’s even the ones who love giving the disgusted look that is easier to pry.

How are we going to break that? We’ll, here are a list of some of the bro’s list of girl code tips on how to get her number.

The right timing to get a girl’s number

getting a girl's number timing

The truth is, there isn’t any right timing. You can get a girl’s number simply by being an agent or because there is a potential need. How about when things are meant to be casual?

If there’s one thing that you don’t need to go straight to the point, it’s getting her number. You can’t simply jump in front of her and ask her “can I get your number?”

First, you’ll be bordering creepy territory by doing so. Who would like to give such personal info to a complete stranger?

It’s a good sign for a man to take his chances. It’s bad when he does not know how to use that chance properly.

Like I said, there isn’t a right timing. Just the right moment.

What do I mean? You can catch her at the right time but the moment isn’t applicable for you to ask her number. You can jump right in front of her at the right time but she’s going on defense mode.

You’ll need to create that initial connection first before you get a girl’s number

Establishing a rapport creates that moment

establishing rapport

What will you feel if a homeless man asks you if he can stay at your place for the night? Even if you are the nicest person, chances are, you won’t let him in.

The same goes for women. Don’t get their number or ask them out without establishing some kind of verbal or non verbal rapport.¬†Otherwise, she’ll feel uneasy with your presence.

One good way to establish rapport is eye contact and smiles. You’ll feel the energy if she’s either reciprocating or outright flirting. That’s when you know you’ve established rapport.

Then, it takes knowing the girl code to decipher what to do next. Girls love saying one thing but mean the other.

That’s something we’re going to talk about once we get there.

Talk to her about something general

talking to girls

Getting her number immediately makes her feel objectified. Though it’s the goal of players to treat women like objects, you have to get a girl’s number systematically.

Talking about something general is what establishes rapport. It’s usually simply getting a woman’s opinion of the best coffee shop around the block or can go as crazy as tattoos on girls.

In fact, there’s a chance that you aren’t really creepy by nature. You just don’t have any substantial interaction before getting her number. Opening up a general topic breaks that barrier a bit.

You’re most likely getting to her through a cold approach so it’s best if you talk to her for a brief moment before you ask for her number.¬†Pretend that your intention is just a good talk so that she’s going to have a slight idea of what you are about.

If she reciprocates with the same energy as you, that’s the time you can get her number. You’ll feel it because the conversation seemingly never gets awkward.

Flirt a bit before you get her number

flirting with a girl

This one is a bit risky. You’ll need to be good in reading girl code before you can pull this off. Even those with a smooth game don’t do this when doing cold approaches.

This one works best when you are in a club. You can easily get a girl’s number when they are drunk. How about when they aren’t?

It’s easy to get a bit flirty when the alcohol starts to kick in. You also need the presence of mind though to know what you’re dealing with in these types of situations.

The grocery store is actually another good source for flirting. How many times have we seen this happen in movies where the single mom gets charmed by an independent man?

Your chances are indeed better when you are flirting. It creates that pent up tension that makes them want to have more than just a simple conversation.

Know when to pull away

pull away from the girl

What all pick-up artists do is to intentionally cut the conversation short even if they themselves are enjoying. They create a false time constraint that makes a girl want to continue the conversation some other time.

The principle here is that when you had fun during a vacation, it’s like you don’t want it to end, right? And when it does, you want to go back. Those mix of emotions are what you must bank on.

When creating some sort of false time constraint, it make the girl want to continue the conversation or flirtation some other time so chances are, it’s easier for them to give you their number.

It’s girl code that if they reciprocate, you should follow through. That’s why some guys get stuck in the friend zone. They think they are a gentleman but in girl code, it speaks low valie.

You’ll need to know when to pull away because if the conversation stays long, what’s the purpose of a follow-up? She won’t find the need to give her number if you two have already maxed out the purpose upon initial communication.

These 5 ways are basic and straight to the point. Just don’t go straight to the point upon cold approach and you’re good.

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