5 Mind Practices to Kickstart Your Day

mind practices

Mind practices are important as they can dictate how your day will go. There are a ton of things to do that you need the right mind to accomplish them.

It is always good to condition your mind in such a way that there is room for you to be able to have the right presence of mind when it comes to your daily tasks.

That said, we are going to talk about some mind practices you can use to boost yourself for the day



Meditating is key to reflecting on the tasks you have to accomplish for the day before shooting yourself for the grind.

It also helps clear your mind of any thoughts that could block possible poor judgement. You need to be able to make the right calls when needed otherwise, you are just acting on impulse.

Meditation is also a good way to exercise your brain to make sure if functions properly especially when times of overload come.

15 minutes to an hour in the morning is good to kickstart your day. It might also help a lot with your mental health in the process.



Isn’t running more for heart health than the mind? Well, it depends on your purpose for running.

Aside from the fact that it helps with everyday fitness, running is also a way of meditating. Thinking about a game-plan for daily tasks can also be done while you are spending time alone running around on pavement.

Scientifically, running also helps with blood circulation which can help improve brain function as well. If there’s a decent amount of healthy blood running through your brain, then your thinking gets clearer.

Spending at least an hour a day of running is enough to burn extra calories and clear your mind.


You attract the things you often say. Verbalizing things makes you subliminally act upon what you say is going to happen.

This is where the law of attraction applies. If you write down something and look at it everyday, chances are you are unconsciously steering yourself towards that direction.

Positive verbalization is one of the key mind practices if you are a goal-oriented person. Saying it often makes you do more related tasks like a force of habit.

It’s hard not to act upon the things you say if it always comes out of your mouth. You’ll either be called out for being “all talk” or you will feel bad if what you say does not happen.

Note taking

note taking

Why do you think journals still come in handy in today’s digital age? That’s because note taking is one of the time-tested mind practices that will surely remind you of tasks at hand.

People who have trouble organizing things usually keep a journal for note taking. It allows them to have structure in their lives hence, putting the mind at a natural workrate.

As lazy as students have become with taking down notes, it still has been a more effective way to review for exams.

Mind you, try copying your teacher’s lecture and write down notes as you review them. You’ll notice an increase in your scores.


Positivity is a mindset. Even when you are at certain low points, projecting positivity is infectious.

It’s so infectious that your mind is now open to plenty more ideas coming in. It encourages convergence because if you are a positive person, people will feel confident telling you their good ideas.

Being positive is easy and hard at the same time. It takes a lot of willpower to push through even when you are at a very low point. Let’s be honest, you really have to fake it.

That said, faking your emotions to project positivity is not a bad thing. It just goes to show how strong you are as a person. It also programs your mind to think about things that will help you grow instead of dwelling on downsides.

Now, if positivity isn’t one of the best mind practices, then maybe you’ll need someone to infect you with theirs.

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