5 Insecurity Signs You Should Ditch

insecure guy

Insecurity is always there. It’s like cancer or depression that it is a reality people has to deal with.

The problem with insecurity though is when it manifests. It projects a different vibe of a person that shows a weaker or low-value side to them.

You might not even notice that you’re insecure unless someone is honest enough to call you out for it. Not everyone can be that real. That’s why you need to see the signs for yourself.

It’s also a huge problem in dating when these insecurities manifest and the girl gets turned off by them. It’s just going to repeat its cycle unless you yourself make the change.

Before you show signs of it again, we’ll point out all the major insecurity signs for you already and here are 5 of them.

Talking about others’ flaws

talking about flaws

One of the major insecurity signs is talking about other people’s flaws instead of focusing on yourself. The insecure person wants others to see a certain person’s flaws to mask their own.

This one is a total red flag if you are dating. Women can see through this especially when you keep comparing yourself to her ex that you never even met.

This move looks desperate since you’d rather focus on something negative instead of showing an image of a person who wants to do something positive about his life.

If you have this insecurity sign, you must ditch it before you make a habit out of comparing yourself to people who are actually better than you.

The worst part about this is that even the one who is legitimately worse than you will look like the greatest man on earth. Just drop the act because it’s too toxic.

People pleasing

People pleasing

People pleasing is the reason one talks about the other’s flaws always. Sometimes, you just can’t help but prove a point despite it being already proven.

You’ll come out as a jerk rather than a better person when you aim to please others. Besides, if the nicest man on earth can be criticized, who are you not to have your flaws as wel?

There is more fulfillment in aiming to please yourself because you are a person too. If you are happy and secure with your current excellence, people will see it.

For sure there’s going to be biases since the world isn’t fair. People will intentionally do bad things and tell you to just move on. That’s how horrible the world is for you to be a people-pleaser.

Just focus on yourself because at the end of the day, pleasing is a thankless job unless you find it within you to give yourself credit.

The one-upper

one-upper braggart

There’s a type of bragging where they’re just telling stories. It isn’t really bragging because they are just holding you on a high regard that you deserve to be on that level of conversation.

You must be talking about the one-upper. The person who always wants to have a better story than you at all costs. One that brags even if it’s not their story to tell anymore just for the sake of doing the other person one better.

It’s a sign of insecurity also because you want to be the person that stands out even when the spotlight is reserved for others. You can stand out naturally on another person’s spotlight without trumping them.

The one-upper is one of the more obvious insecure people to spot in the group. It’s also the one with the hardest to spot if it is you who’s insecure.

Too much vanity

vain male

Being too vain is a sign of insecurity whether you believe it or not. You aren’t comfortable in your natural skin that you have to feel the urge to fix yourself up all the time.

There’s nothing bad about grooming but if you do it all the time even in front of others, its a telltale sign that you aren’t comfortable with the way you look, hence insecure.

Don’t mistake grooming with vanity though. Grooming means you are fixing yourself to look better and feel good about yourself regardless if someone is looking or not.

On the other hand, the insecure one always fixes themselves up unnecessarily just to please other people. Sometimes it’s also a sign that you couldn’t carry yourself well.

Drop the vanity because it easily rhymes with insecurity.

Treating others like crap

treating people poorly

Treating others poorly reflects on you as a person rather than them and their performance.

It’s an insecurity sign that is easy to spot because sometimes, the insecure guy would be cruel even to the ones who do him nicely. You might not notice it but you might be one too.

One way to spot this is when you treat others in the same bad way you were treated. While it’s a good step in making the world fairer, the insecurity still manifests and it might even be the red flag that will make a girl ditch you.

If she ditches you for a bad attitude, you probably have this insecurity trait in you already. Just like some loser PUA moves.

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