Top 5 Budget-Friendly First Date Ideas

first date ideas

Your first date doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it’s better to impress with spontaneity rather than the prepared way.

How is this possible? You can do this by not thinking much about dates and focus more on fast-paced activities that will keep your date on her feet.

In fact, this works best if you are an introvert dater. It puts both of you out of your comfort zones which makes the experience more thrilling.

Now, if you want to see which budget-friendly dates are the most practical, we have five of the best ideas for you.

Gym Dates

gym dates

Gym dates or sporting dates are a good way to keep you two on your feet. Whether it’s a shared passion for physical activity or a curious effort to try a new sport, it’s something you both can connect on.

These activities are basic are pretty much almost free. Most gym memberships offer free guest passes for its members. Another good idea is to attend group workout sessions together. It’s a good chance to meet good people too.

Miniature golf is a popular first date idea. You don’t have to pick out a sport that’s too intense. All you need is to be able to create that certain bond that will make you two closer.

My personal favorite is boxing. Try holding mitts for each other and spark a few laughs out of missed combos.

More subtle sporting ideas include bowling, cycling, and half court basketball.

Intellectual Dates

intellectual dates

This one is pretty nerdy but surely is romantic. It also goes to show that you go deeper than flirting and games.

Geeks love intellectual dates because if they are able to get a girl to go in their comfort zone. It works both ways too because a girl who can appreciate the arts goes to show that they ain’t trashy at all.

Movie dates are common. Teenagers go to movies like they play miniature golf. This one is a great budget-friendly way to make her have fun.

It doesn’t even have to be in the cinema. A Netflix and chill night with a box of pizza and ice cream will keep her happy for the night. It might even open up opportunities for you to score.

Art galleries and museums are other hot spots for first dates. Women love art in some way or form. If they aren’t the pick-up art-type, then they are the classy ones you can take to galleries or free openings.

Plus, you get free booze in the process with some complimentary cheese and wine. Then, there’s the admiration of history and art history lessons you thought was boring when you were younger.

One unexplored date spot is the library. All the silence around gives you two a serene moment where you can get to know each other by the book you read. Some public libraries have multiple floors and sometimes a cafe where you can chill while talking about a good book to read.

Just don’t go as low as making out in between shelves.

Relaxing Dates

beach dates

Relaxing dates are probably the most budget-friendly first date ideas out there. All you need is your surroundings or minimal amount to enjoy each other’s company.

Watching a live band performing while having a few drinks is a good way to unwind and relax. Live comedies work the same too. It gives you a good chance to be a bit touchy and flirty with each other too. Of course, it also takes away the pressure of having to talk to each other as much.

Another one of my favorites are walks in the park. It’s a good way to stay active as you admire your surroundings. It’s also a good way to think of spontaneous things to talk about because every sight is worth a topic.

These walks also create a certain bond especially when you two are on the kino stage in your first date. Holding hands while walking as you two talk about life.

Speaking of life talks, there’s no place better to do that than the beach. Such serenity opens up a level of comfort where you can just release everything in the serene sounds of the waves.

Then, of course, you two are likely half naked looking to dip in for a swim. That’s another fun part about beach dates.

Home-cooked dates

homecooked dates

Why try to impress the girl with a fancy restaurant on your first date when you can do so with your own skill?

Romantic restaurants can be expensive and that’s money you can spend on something more important. The budget-friendly alternative is home-cooked meals.

You can schedule a dinner date at your house where you either invite her over after you’ve cooked or cook the meals together. Just make sure to hone your cooking skills because it’s going to save you a ton.

Plus, dinner dates show creativity, initiative, and talent. That’s something that will give you plus points with women.

I know I said home-cooked meals but you can actually combine your relaxing dates with some less-costly street food options.

Getting something on the go also establishes such spontaniety.

Social Dates

wedding date

Social dates are a good hack. It’s a good way to take someone out without having to think about where to take them.

These dates are usually weddings and galas where they become budget-friendly despite being a bit advanced. It also takes great skill to be able to pull it off.

You can invite your date to a friend’s party if they allow room for a plus one. Wedding dates often come with such offer.

Social dates also offer a woman the opportunity to introduce you to your cool and interesting friends. I couldn’t count how many times I took a girl to video game nights and enjoyed.

This comes with a bit of risk however because you are potentially introducing her to some competition as well. You two are only on your first date so technically, she can still see other options.

It takes great skill and game to pull social dates off. Not all guys respect bro codes so kudos to you if you can keep your date interested.

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