5 Dating trends You Can Take Into 2021

Dating trends

If you are thinking that ghosting, apocalypsing, and breadcrumbing are still cool dating trends for 2021, you are wrong in every way possible.

These practices aren’t correct to be doing in the first place. If you are going to date, then you must go all-in at all costs. Otherwise, it’s called a meaningless hookup.

Well, lucky you because we have some new dating trends that you ought to follow this 2021. The pandemic has already become an eye-opener that life is short to be forever single.

Dating could be a fun thing if we choose to make it such. That’s why we’ve come up with five new dating trends that will probably be how the open market will play out in 2021.

Let’s hope there won’t any more ghosting and all the other despicable deeds.

Playing Hardball

playing hardball

Finally, after ages of playing it cool. People are finally just going to be straight-up honest with what they want. It’s one of the dating trends that should have always happened to begin with.

In the past, hardballing is always considered clingy or creepy but now, it surprisingly is predicted to become a trend as almost half of the people signed up on dating apps are now looking for seriousness.

To make it simple, you’ll have a higher chance of scoring a relationship by saying “I love you” within the first five messages because it means you know what you want.

Those ghosters and breadcrumbers are going to be forced to play nicer this time because their user nature will be read through like a comic book.

More virtual dates

virtual dating trends

The pandemic caused people to go on virtual dates instead. All of a sudden, the girl code of “five messages or bye” suddenly doesn’t apply. They’d make do with getting to know the person purely by texting first.

This development will lead to more virtual dates as people who have just come from a relationship will find more confidence in seeking the open market knowing that they don’t need to do much effort after just previously pouring their heart out.

While most men will feel attached to their ex., they won’t feel anxious trying to move on as well and won’t be afraid to sign up for Bumble or Tinder.

Besides, isn’t joining such platforms a brave move already to begin with? This is definitely going to be one of the favorite dating trends of introverts.

The fault in the stars


For years, people who have based compatibility on zodiac signs have become conscious of how the relationship will pan out. Expect that to happen more this 2021

They call it “Astrolove” when people date based on what the other’s zodiac sign is. It’s not usually the same zodiac sign but rather, the zodiac that matches the most with theirs when paired.

Statistics are on the side of astrolove as well as more than one million people in the UK increased their chances of matching when they added a zodiac badge to their dating profile.

It could be an interesting ice breaker coming up with an opener related to your matching zodiacs. Especially if the other party is smart enough to get it.

Horoscope may not be the most trending things on publications but at least we’re talking dating trends here. It seems like Cupid is going to have an easier job in 2021.

Taking it slow

taking things slow

Surprisingly, the usual way it’s done is still one of the dating trends predicted for 2021.

Taking things slow is how it usually happens when two people play it cool until they realize that they can’t stop their feelings anymore. Sometimes, it’s also the right way to deal with things because some connections take time to build.

This is where the grey area lies because as much as girls nowadays go for a man who establishes what he wants on the onset, jumping into a relationship immediately just because a man says “I want you forever” isn’t the smartest life decision.

This might be the better dating trend though because when you get hit by a hardball, you’re definitely going to get hurt.

Choosing proximity

proximity dating

Why go halfway across the country or world to find the perfect date when you can find out the open market around your area of radius?

Dating apps have paved the way for people to date locally more. In fact, 48% of dating app users said they’d rather date in the area they live and are comfortable in.

This is another phenomenon brought by the pandemic. Why wait for a long period of time to actually see each other when you can simply meet with someone nearby already?

It kills the pressure of dating someone from a different city plus it cuts to the chase of talking about two different locations and cultures. Plus, you can also get each other easily when you talk about dating spots to go to.

Choosing proximity is one of the few dating trends that can also be a budget friendly one. Dating close to home is one way to get excited for what’s in store for 2021.

So go forth and get excited about dating again in the new year. 

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