5 Dating Rules You Can Use To Your Advantage

dating rules

You need to know DATING RULES in order to increase your success score with women.

The idea of dating isn’t something you see in the movies. No acquaintance will simply fall in love with you by just being nice.

Nice guys always finish last in dating. That’s because they think that when you do good things, bad things will never happen to you.

Bad things happen to good people because they aren’t prepared for the bad. Not to be a pesimist, but always expect the worst.

How do we apply these things into dating? You’ll have to read on these dating rules you can use to your advantage.

Don’t be too nice

bad guy dating

Sure, you can be a gentleman by opening doors for her or pulling back chairs. But if you are being too nice to her, you’re doomed.

It doesn’t mean disrespect her or violate her private parts. Not being too nice is a dating rule where you can be upfront and call her out when you don’t agree on something.

Women are way smarter than you think. If you are ultra nice to them or always agree to everything they have to say, they can smell your intention from afar.

The players have one of these dating rules where they neg and disrespect a girl just to let her know that relationship or sex isn’t the main intention.

The difference now between a gentleman and a player is the gentleman is willing to open his heart. The player pretends just for sex and bragging rights.

Push and pull

push and pull dating

Push and pull is something in the book of dating rules for pick up artists that actually can be applied in anyone’s dating life.

Women hate a guy that is clingy or needy. While the guy’s intention is to establish pure and clean intent, women see this as weakness.

Some would even go as far as intentionally testing a guy. That’s also the point of “push and pull” in the book of dating rules.

The best way to work around this is to push when effort is needed and pull when you’ve got better things to do. It’s like the artificial way of generating the words “I miss you.”

The only way you go all-in with your push is when you two have tied the knot. Having the effort always come from your end is never a dating asset.

Date around

dating around

It’s dating. You aren’t in a relationship yet nor into married life. That means you still have the option of fish breeds in the sea.

Sticking to one woman at the dating stage will cause you to cling on to them more than needed. It’s suffocating for a woman when it’s always you two even when you aren’t in a relationship yet.

The best way to deal with this in the unwritten book of dating rules is to date around. Not only does it lessen your clinginess level, it also teaches you how to move on shall you get turned down.

A good analogy will be company owners. They aren’t afraid to let go of an employee because they can always move on to the next qualified applicant. The same should apply when you aren’t exclusively dating yet.

Wait, isn’t exclusive dating already an unofficial relationship? It depends on what you really want. Men should be the one to dictate the pace.

Test her too

testing a woman

Women like testing men. The power play is usually coming from them when they come across a gentleman.

The problem here is that we get hung up on them too much that we forget to test them too. While you are choosing to ignore her visible red flags, she’s already counting how many you have.

Males are supposed to be the alpha in this situation. No human is perfect which means there are flaws to find on her end too.

Girl codes should always be put into consideration. You’ll need to test her based on how she reacts if you don’t follow girl codes that she actually wants to tell you but will never do.

Make sure she isn’t dating you to use you or to make you a case study in limiting down her options.

You will always be a catch but even the nice guys need to be schooled in dating rules a lot. Leave the beta males such as players or pick-up artists to mess around.

While they do it to feel good about themselves, you’re testing her just so you don’t give to much of yourself too soon.

Loyalty is STILL everything

loyalty is everything

The point of a relationship is staying loyal to your partner. The problem is that in the world of dating, loyalty is automatic weakness.

It’s a sad reality we just have to accept. But at least we can work around it with establishing yourself.

The purpose of dating around is that when she hasn’t bit on when you’ve established loyalty and sincerity, it’s easy to move on and try another.

The right women want a sense of security and assurance. If you can assure a decent woman that you can put her on a pedestal, she’s going to cave in and open her heart to you more.

We’re talking about dating here and not hookups. That means finding the right woman who wouldn’t consider your gentleman deeds as weakness.

Loyalty will always be everything at the end of the day.

The bottom line

Dating rules tend to be thrown out the window because it isn’t punishable by any legal law anyway. Following them would still give you quite the advantage though.

The goal here is to find the perfect date and not the awesome hookup. You can shy away from all the rules when it’s just games.

Dating is for the serious-hearted. But of course, that doesn’t mean she will play as nice as you do. She already has the unfair advantage of being a woman. They will always be the one courted.

At the end of the day, not following these dating rules never worked for even the most decent of women anyway.

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