4 Confidence Hacks Girls Wants Every Man to Have

man confidence hack

Women like a man with confidence. They may you a braggart but deep inside, they like that. That’s why we’re here to talk about confidence hacks.

Even if you are the nicest and most loyal guy in the world, if you are insecure, there’s no way in the world a girl will like you.

If you’re wondering why the arrogant jerks get the girls you want, it’s because of these confidence hacks. Their intentions might not be pure but they know the basics.

I am a firm believer that no girl is out of your league. It’s a matter of her liking you or not. You can be the most handsome man in the world but if she isn’t attracted, she won’t even give you a second look.

That reality alone should give you confidence already. But there are four more basic things you need to practice in order to be better with girls.

So, I’m going to give you four confidence hacks girls wants every man to have.

Good eye contact speaks confidence

eye contact with girl

You can be the smartest, nicest, or prettiest guy in the room but the eyes say it all.

Without eye contact, girls will find it unattractive. It shows that you feel awkward when it’s time to step up. This confidence hack is something that should set it all up.

Making eye contact when she’s talking also tells her that you are interested in what she has to say. It’s not hard to do especially when she does it to you when you’ve got something to say as well.

Not making eye contact while you speak shows that you aren’t firm in what you are saying. It shows that even you aren’t sure of what you want out of a certain point.

Even closing and leaning in for a kiss needs to start with good eye contact. It shows that you have rock-solid confidence and your words can be backed up by action.

When you’re in a date, one objective is to make sure her eyes don’t leave the space you occupy. What will you feel if your date is looking elsewhere while you are talking? Exactly my point.

There’s something about eye contact that sparks attraction. It’s a simple action that has an enormous effect on how she sees you.

It doesn’t mean giving her a blank stare like a creepy stalker. You can break eye contact for when the situation calls for it.

Players even scienced it out to making eye contact with women approximately 3 seconds at a time.

It’s human nature but this type of confidence can hack through girl codes.

Being playful is one of the better confidence hacks

guy playful with girls

Playing is part of human nature that I don’t even think it should be in the book of confidence hacks? Why am I including it though? Hear me out.

Think of yourself as a kid who’s only problem in the world is the next game or toy you will play. It feels like there’s no pressure to it, right? The same goes for when you’re out with a girl.

Be playful with them. Show your witty side. Try to poke fun at some small details of them without disrespecting them as pathological players do.

Being a bit playful eases the tension you might be feeling. It lightens up the mood and shows more of yourself than you actually realize.

Even the serious and mysterious man have a playful side to them in the form of sarcasm. Why do you think the mere secretary falls for the serious boss and vice versa? It’s because they are being playful in their heated banter without them even realizing it.

Generic questions like “How was your weekend?” or “where are you from?” are becoming so cliche already that even job applications ask that in their question form. Spice it up a bit with a little sillyness.

Confident men are very secure that if a girl doesn’t get their wit, they are ready to walk away regardless of strong initial attraction. That’s something you need to.

Don’t be afraid to make jokes for fear of offending her. It’s called “neg” in pick-up artist code but it’s the law of nature for a girl to look for playful banter.

It’s called having fun and you are surely the most confident during these times.

Confident men know how to say “NO​”

confidence hack of saying no

Speaking of walking away, one of the most important confidence hacks is learning when to say “no.”

Following every girl’s command will make you automatically clingy or creepy in their eyes. I know you are frustrated but it’s a law of nature.

Most guys who can’t say “no” end up in the friendzone. Girls only keep you because you are the convenient “yes man.”

Feel free to contradict a girl’s statement when you do not agree. It creates a healthy conversation and saves you from thinking of the next topic for a while.

Real men know how to stand up for their beliefs and ideals. That’s why males should be the alpha. How can you assert it without showing confidence and firmness in your words?

The same goes for your actions. If you keep on chasing her, she’s going to get tired of your presence because of the lack of space.

The key here is self-respect. Value yourself because those loyalties and niceness your heart holds will always look bad in their eyes.

Taking charge using these confidence hacks

guy takes charge confidence hack

Sure, you know how to talk to girls. You’re a fun guy to be around. If you don’t take charge though, girls will still be disappointed in you.

This is one problem pick up artists have. They are very good with everything except following through. They’re all talk but couldn’t deliver.

The real confident man is proactive. He’s firm in his words. If he tells you he has to run, he’s not telling you that just to hit on another girl. He’s saying it because he’s a high-value man with a busy schedule.

Men who take charge are seen as the alpha male. They lead the women and follow through just like a wolf leading his pack.

Do you think your date will kiss you? You’ll have to lean in to do so. Most of the time, she reciprocates especially if it’s a good date.

You can do this too whenever you are asking her out. Dictate the time and place and if she says she’s not available? Dictate an alternate option.

The key is to stop asking and start suggesting. Girls have wants but they won’t tell you anyway. They’re just going to follow your lead. Even the strong independent females are guilty of this.

Now, if you really want to put taking charge to the test, why not start with getting her number?

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