25 Christmas Date Ideas Single Men Will enjoy

Single Men Christmas Date Ideas

It doesn’t always have to be a kiss under the mistletoe to consider your Christmas Date a success. There are still a number of date ideas you can do that will end in a passionate kiss.

The season is still all about the happy holidays in the spirit of Christmas. It must be similar to the ones you see in movies since it’s the most beautiful way to celebrate the season anyway.

Introvert dating ideas usually work when it comes to seasons like these but if you are out of date ideas for Christmas, here are some simple ways you can still enjoy the season even if you’re single.

Ask your Christmas date to a carol sing-off

Christmas carol date

What better way to spend the spirit of Christmas than a chorale competition.

It doesn’t even need to be a group. All you need is to have a date and try to make a dating game out of carols.

Your date will love the thrill of thinking deeper than a generic one-night stand. It also tests how deep your arsenal is.

A good way to add thrill to this is finding out how many outside the classic do you know of. Maybe you both can do a duet.

Netflix and chill

netflix and chill date

Netflix knows how to make its subscribers feel the spirit of the season. A plethora of Christmas-themed movies deck its landing page.

Christmas specials are also a good way to entertain your Christmas date. Why not make them feel cozy with a little movie trip.

You’re doing a lot of Netflix and chill dates anyway. It just feels better to do it in December.

Bond over hot cocoa

hot cocoa date

Coffee dates? Well, hot cocoa dates are more fitting for the season.

There’s quite a comforting feeling when drinking some warm chocolate. Why not share a cup with your Christmas date?

You can take your date to some hot cocoa tasting. Wine tasting can get wild after but cocoa tasting has some sort of intimacy to it. Just like when it’s done in coffee shops.

Well, maybe you can host it yourself too by preparing different blends. At least that puts your creative skills to the test.

Volunteer work

volunteer christmas
Multi-ethnic, mixed age group of volunteers serves food at a soup kitchen. A variety of food is being served to the under-resourced people in their local community. Christmas season.

One attractive trait that respectable girls do like is altruism.

One of the best things you can do is volunteering at a soup kitchen this Christmas season. The best part is you can make a meaningful Christmas date out of it too.

There’s no better feeling in the world than helping people out when they need it the most. Especially this season where an extra hand is needed more.

It’s also a good way to show your Christmas date how much you wholeheartedly care for the less fortunate.

Go through old toys to donate

donating old toys

Another altruistic thing to do this Christmas is to be Mr. Claus to less-fortunate kids by donating your old toys.

How does this apply for a Christmas date? Maybe she has some toys she wishes to donate too.

Not only do you help her declutter, but also influence her in making the less-fortunate feel the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping

It may be more of a last-minute preparation than a low-key Christmas date but it can set the tone too for how else are your holidays are going to be.

A quick errand won’t hurt especially if your Christmas date needs to do some of the too.

Winter fashion show

Winter fashion show

Christmas is the season for knit sweaters and warm clothing. You can spend a date picking out outfits for the season.

Girls like taking their boyfriends to shopping just to ask them how they look in the outfits they try. How about return the favor since you need to buy new warm clothes anyway?

Deck the halls together

Deck the halls

A good way to bond is doing something together. That is why decorating a place together is a good way to see your chemistry.

Through each other’s camaraderie. You might find out that there is actually some spark between the both of you.

You can even turn things into a dun mini competition on who makes more creative Christmas ball designs.

Make DIY ornaments

DIY ornaments

Since I already mentioned Christmas ball designs, this isn’t only the ornament you can have, You can actually create your own too.

Channel out the creativity of your Christmas date too as you both make DIY ornaments to deck the halls with.

Photoblog sites like Instagram or Pinterest should give you tons of inspiration.

Make Christmas stockings

Make Christmas stockings

Since you are already on the creative vibe, why not make some Christmas stockings in the process? Besides, it’s part of decking the halls too.

Christmas tree hunting

Christmas tree hunting

What’s Christmas without the perfect Christmas tree? A road trip date to a nearby Christmas tree farm is a good bonding moment too.

Make each other a custom Christmas card

custom Christmas card

Speaking of creativity, why not spend some time in your Christmas date to make each other a cute, goofy, and witty Christmas greeting?

It’s a fun activity you can do together. This one is actually something that people who go on library dates would do.

Activities such as these create such an unseen spark that you two can follow through with.

Send out random Christmas cards as well

random Christmas cards

Since you are in the spirit of sharing, why not give good vibes to others too by greeting them merry Christmas with a custom card?

Going around the neighborhood with your date to give cards also gives her an idea of your altruistic nature.

Host a simple Christmas event

simple Christmas event

Christmas parties are already a staple for big companies. Why not come up with the same for certain groups of people.

You can organize one and take a Christmas date with you. That way, you get to meet new people and hone your social skills.

It might even help seal the deal for you if you play it right.

Go Christmas lights gazing together

Christmas lights gazing

If you don’t have a place to go to, how about walks in the park where you can enjoy the view of beautiful Christmas lights.

Sure, the season isn’t that friendly to go walk outside but isn’t the warmth of a Christmas date while sipping some hot beverage better than those meaningless walks of shame?

If it’s still too cold for you, you can always drive around and park for a bit when you find a good view to admire.

Christmas dinner dates

Christmas dinner dates

As much as date nights are usually dining out, why not enjoy a homecooked meal straight from the heart with a Christmas dinner date?

At least you get to impress your date with your cooking skills or you can make her join the preparations and cook the meals together.

It can feel quite romantic when both of you share a kitchen together.

Bake some Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies

While you’re at it, why not bake some Christmas cookies in the process? It’s another way to channel your inner creativity too.

The sweet smell of cookies in the oven on a silent holy night should make the ambiance more romantic..

Role-playing for fun Christmas times

Christmas role play

Those church reenactments of the Nativity are fun to watch especially when it’s the adorable kids that play the characters.

The plays don’t have to be too religious though. You can go with The Grinch or Bob the Christmas Grump. Maybe you can go kinky too and dress your date in a sexy elf costume.

Well, it’s more on the sexual side of things but only do it with someone meaningful. Petty hookups don’t deserve such a spirit.

Go on a Christmas cabin getaway

Christmas cabin getaway

This may not work for the usual hookup-type dates but if you are seeing each other for quite some time already, maybe it’s time to kick it up a notch.

That said, pick someone you fancy a lot and take her on a Christmas date to a cabin getaway. Even booking apps put it in front of their suggested trips.

A long Christmas weekend away from all the fiascos in the city will surely strengthen your bond.

Go on a ski trip

Christmas ski trip

You can either be warm and cozy in a cabin or go all cold with a ski trip this Christmas season.

Or, you can do both because ski lodges usually have cabin accommodations as well. The nice thing about ski trips is the romantic vibe at night during Christmas.

Just google the words “ski villages” and you’ll see why.

Have a Christmas picnic

Christmas picnic

Setting up a cozy spot in the cold wintery weather can still work with the right setup. Think Eskimo here as you spend a night outdoors in the cold warming each other up with love and sweet stories.

The point here is to bond, right? As long as you’re with a right girl, they wouldn’t mind a bit of cold too when they’re with you.

Play in the snow

Christmas snow date

Not much explanation here except maybe the nostalgia of childhood where you make a snowman and throw snowballs at each other.

Virtual Christmas dates

Virtual Christmas dates

There will be times that spending Christmas away from loved ones is inevitable. That includes spending it away from your girlfriend at times.

Why not set up a virtual Christmas date? At least you two still stay connected during the season.

Bond with your neighbors

christmas bonding with neighbors

Speaking of spending Christmas alone, why not bond with your neighbors instead? Christmas is another season of invitation so it would be great to bond with the people that live next door.

Plus, you might score a date out of it too if you are in the cities where people often live independently.

Merge into one big happy family

christmas family date

Nothing beats a good old merging of families on Christmas day.

Since we have been talking about serious dating since the start, then it’s just right to show each other how serious you really are. That includes making things official on both ends of the family.

It also gives your family and hers a chance to get comfortable with one another since they will be seeing each other in more family occasions in the future anyway.

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