10 Reasons Why You Should Be The Funny Guy

funny guy

It pays to be the funny guy. There isn’t any girl in the world that doesn’t get sweeped off their feet by someone that give them good vibes. It’s also become the basis of the saying that “sense of humor is all you need.”

It’s more than just giggles. Sometimes there’s a sense of purity even when the joker isn’t the cleanest guy. Just think of Seth Rogen in every rom-com he stars in.

Good thing we have a chance to fix that if you aren’t “funny” enough. You don’t have to force it on you. All you need is a little bit of it.

So instead of a generic bland guy, here are 10 reasons on why you should be the funny guy.

The funny guy never fails to entertain

entertaining funny guy

Girls aren’t really falling in love with the funny guy on the onset. It just so happens that the funny guy entertains them and makes them forget their problems.

Being on a date with the funny guy is like watching a live performance of Gabriel Iglesias or Dave Chapelle. You always want more after.

That’s why it pays to have good sense of humor. In fact, that’s also why even the school prankster or class clown never gets bullied by the jocks. They are the natural charmers.

Life is never boring because a funny guy never fails to entertain. A simple stunt can elicit a ton of giggle. It also challenges a girl to keep up with a funny guy’s pace.

He’s quick, witty and creative

witty funny guy

Funny guys have punchlines forever. Sometimes they can even compose them on the spot and spit them like rap bars when needed. It’s also why writing seems like the most intimidating normal job in the universe.

Comedy requires a ton of wit and creativity. That also means you are sharp enough to think of a funny line on the spot.

That’s why it’s frustrating for funny guys whenever they exhibit their quick with only to be met with crickets when a dim-witted girl can’t get the joke.

As long as your creativity is on point, your date will surely roll on the floor laughing all night. That’s a metaphor, of course.

A funny guy comes up with such original content most of the time. That’s just how they are wired.

Funny guys hold their own in social situations.

social funny guy

With being entertaining comes being the life of the room too. They can turn an awkward moment into a comedy show.

It’s also the reason why they get away with being social a lot. There’s no need to force yourself into a world you don’t belong in. You create a new world where everyone joins in.

Although sometimes funny guys go overboard too. There’s still an appropriate moment to give the other person the spotlight.

At least you wouldn’t have to be the awkward creep who’s insecurity shows with your lack of socialization skills. Make them meet you at your level with some mild comic relief.

Funny guys are naturally very observant

observant funny guy

It seems natural for funny guys to be able to see the most meticulous details and turn it into something funny. It’s the moment where you think for a bit before they drop the punchline.

They can also make fun of something about you that even you yourself didn’t notice. Of course, it will make you conscious sometimes.

Sense of humor also includes keen senses and comedians have that. It’s also why they are quick at coming up with something. That good eye shows sharpness.

He can make you a better person too

funny guy makes you better

Of course, the keenness of a funny guy can challenge you at times. It makes you want to keep up with his pace.

There’s also the part that you are too uptight and serious about life before he introduces you to more things to live for. He teaches you to live in the moment because you might miss the good things.

Another reason why it makes you become better is because it puts down your guard and make you realize that not everything in the world is bad.

But still, you have to protect yourself, of course.

They get along with anyone

funny guy getting along with anyone

Sometimes, you know this one very crappy person who people adore like a god. That’s because they are funny and easy to get along with.

Although you hope not to meet a bad person disguised with funniness but at least you know the point here. Funny guys light up the room.

They can impress your friends with their punchlines. It doesn’t matter if he is full of crap. People love him for being funny.

In the case of dating though, girls look for a guy that is easy to be with too.

Funny guys are no-drama to be with

no drama funny guy

Funny guys are easy to be with because they make you forget the drama in your life. They often avoid that too that’s why they do a lot of jokes.

Mind you, funny guys are the last people you would want to piss off because even with their long temper, you’d rather they don’t snap.

In that case, people simply want to keep a funny guy happy because if he is happy, everybody is too.

It’s a confidence hack

confident funny guy

The easiest way to feel secure in social situations is finding a common ground. In that case, no social person hates comedy.

Sometimes, a secure guy would poke fun at himself first to make sure nobody throws something back at him. Of course, be ready for them to poke fun at you too.

It puts every people in the room at the same level and that’s where the funny guy thrives. It’s a social skill that is a must if you want to impress a girl.

They have a sensitive side

sensitive funny guy

One thing that gets a girl interested in funny guys is the mystery. They joke a lot that they hide their actual real life.

It usually intrigues a girl to get to know a funny guy more, hence, scoring more interesting dates.

Funny guys have a different type of complexity in them. They’re actually fourth-dimensional in a more social capacity.

Expect budding intimacy once a funny guy connects with a girl.

Most importantly, he will always make you smile

funny guy

Aren’t we stating the obvious here? Smiling sends out good vibes to people. What more when the reason you smile is right in front of you?

That’s what goes on in a girl’s mind whenever they date the funny guy. That’s also why you should be one.

It only takes practice to be natural at it. Even introverts know that.

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