10 PUA Moves That Make You A Loser

PUA loser

PUA is an art form that men believe will increase their chances with the ladies. Such delusion isn’t always the case.

Sure, it will help boost your confidence and probably work in some sense. Is it the alpha thing to do though?

In reality, pick up artists are beta males and their misconception of how the proper process of dating happens screws the entire world over.

Well, to be fair, we also have to blame girl codes more than we blame PUA. That said, here are 11 PUA moves that make you a loser.

Zoning in with a smile

PUA smile

A common thing a pick up artist does in a poor attempt to look friendly is smiling. In a perfect world it’s all good vibes right?

Why do you think girls get creeped out when a nerdy guy in the corner smiles at them? Why are some smiles taught at the end of sales spiels?

If it’s as scripted as a PUA smile, expect it to have an exhibition of fake confidence. They’re just wooing girls using fake confidence and fun vibes.

Do you want a really charming smile? Get it from a funny guy instead.

Selecting a target or a set

approaching a set

One thing a PUA can’t do is pick up a woman standing alone. They are too afraid to gamble on a woman running solo that they settle with a game of lottery.

This lottery means in a group of people, you only need one who gets your schtick and you’re engaged. They bank on the fact that all people are different rather than their own skill.

It shows lack of balls rather than a cool guy who can entertain a crowd. You’ll actually see the real successes out of those who make a spontaneous number close from a one-on-one conversation.

Shitty three-second rules

The three-second rule is quite BS. If you want something, you always have to think it through.

It doesn’t mean literally but quick action is better than a slightly delayed action. Approaching her within three seconds also has its downsides.

In PUA, it works but in real life, all it does is teach people that the right way to do everything is impulsively.

The richest men in the world don’t use a three-second rule to make billion-dollar business decisions and they are successful still.

Only the losers in life use such rule because they just want things to get over with because the situation is better than them.

Scripted conversational openers and outright lies

three second rule

Pickup lines are usually scripted already as they are all coming from a more experienced PUA. First, it shows lack of creativity, and second, all a girl needs to do is read the playboy’s book and your game is dead.

Then, there are the outright lies such as “Did you see those two girls fighting outside?” or the false time constraints of “I have somewhere to be at” just so you can get a quick number close even if you don’t really plan on leaving yet.

PUA teaches you how to lie and only beta males do that to their female partners.

Intentionally ignoring your target

Here’s the bad thing about the game. You will present yourself as the most charming man alive but intentionally won’t charm everyone. Did you see the irony there?

What’s the use of the smile when you can’t even extend that to the girl you have the hots for. Pick up artists seek validation from the friends that it leaves the target in a spot that she has no other choice but to like the faux charming man.

Plus, why will you want a girl to win your attention when you are actually the one who wants to have sex with her? You’ve got to earn it.

Insecure men bring down girls bigger than them and the next point could’t explain it any further.

Disrespecting a woman with a neg


Negs are also known as “vague insults” but that doesn’t make it any better. An insult is always an insult and if you target it to a person, that is disrespect.

The bad thing that a PUA does is they know the girl is out of their league so they bring her down to their level with these so called “negs.”

All it does is show your insecurity and unwillingness to step up your game by injuring a woman’s self esteem. There isn’t anything alpha about that.

Then, you’ll have to consider that a respectable and powerful woman won’t back down to a neg. What will you do when that happens?

Isolating the target

isolating the target

First, you ignore, then you isolate? All this does is paint a picture of a guy who doesn’t really know what he wants.

Following certain steps where you ignore first and isolate later may work 100% in successfully picking up a girl but it sends a mental message to your brain to become an indecisive man.

Know what you want instead of the beta male practice of changing your stern decisions every time.

Spotting indicators of interest or IOIs


Let’s be real once again. If IOIs were true, then all nerds that get smiled at on by their crushes will all be taken by these very girls.

Indicators of interest are one of the biggest BS again in PUA. Just because she is nice to you or does some gestures out of the ordinary, it doesn’t mean she’s highly interested in nobody else but you.

No straight guy in the world will be single if all the girls that were nice to them or smiled at them or had a little touchy touchy would come as an IOI.

Wooing girls with an interesting skill

Umtimate PUA

It’s good if a guy has a unique skill but if you use it for wooing and charming, then that only means you are limited.

Your unique skills and traits will inevitably stand out. No need to distract the girls with it just so they wouldn’t see that you have more imperfections than skill.

What makes a pickup artist different from a clown or a circus freak then?

Letting her come to you and keep her wanting more

false time constraint

False time constraints are outright lies. It’s a ploy to make a girl wanting to continue the good talk for some other time.

It’s an unnoticed desperation move for a guy. He’s just passing the pressure onto a girl. That’s not something that speaks alpha in the long run.

When the going gets tough, they will just do the same and pass the pressure onto the girl. That will mean the guy isn’t willing to be the alpha between the two genders.

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